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People: Individual Profile

Joe - Plant Manager, Water Treatment

Joe has more than 19 years of experience managing and operating municipal drinking water treatment systems. He is a specialist in process control testing and laboratory analysis. As a Plant Manager he is responsible for budget administration and a staff of operators. Recent experience includes: managing process control issues such as laboratory testing, record keeping, report preparation and instrument calibration to meet State and Federal regulations; planning and preparing budgets for all aspects of the facility.

Why I Do What I Do
I view my profession as a public trust to provide safe, clean drinking water to the communities that I serve.  It is a 24/7 responsibility that requires attention to detail, dedication and a well rounded skill set.  In return, you get an opportunity to work in field where talent is always in demand, regardless of the state of the economy, and where new technologies are always being explored and introduced.  This gives you the opportunity to learn and grow all of the time in a work environment where no two days are ever the same.

Why I Work at Woodard & Curran
Having worked for several environmental firms, I have found that the teamwork at Woodard & Curran makes getting the job done easier. The support systems are outstanding, the lack of micromanagement is a far cry from what I have experienced at other firms, and I am surrounded by extremely talented and dedicated people, all of which make Woodard & Curran a great place to work.

Project Highlights

Howe Street Regional Water Treatment Facility
Ashland, MA

Beginning on a 90-day emergency contract, which evolved into a long-term contract operations agreement, I took on the role of Project Manager for this 6 MGD groundwater up-flow clarification treatment facility. The treatment process uses ozone for oxidation and chloramines for residual disinfection. I worked closely with MassDEP to get the SCADA system approved for unmanned operations. It was very gratifying to be a part of that process, which, along with creative approaches in the operation of large pumps and the HVAC system, resulted in significant savings in utility costs.

Water Treatment Facility Operations
Lawrence, MA

Woodard & Curran was hired on an 8-month emergency contract to address compliance and operations challenges. As the project manager I oversaw a staff of 7 and worked closely with the MassDEP on a number of issues of concern. The plant is a 16 MGD surface water up-flow pulsation clarification treatment facility utilizing chlorine dioxide for oxidation and ultra-violet for disinfection. This type of project is satisfying because it challenges your problem-solving abilities, and at the end of the project you can clearly see the impact that you made.