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Jim Wilson, PE - Vice President, Civil Engineering

Mr. Wilson has 24 years of experience with civil design projects and construction management. His responsibilities include client coordination and communications, design of preliminary and final plans and details, cost estimating, preparation of specifications, and construction administration and inspection. He focuses on civil and facilities engineering including evaluations, planning, design and construction and is responsible for the on-site evaluation of sites and facilities including utilities, traffic, permitting issues, report preparation, preliminary design development, funding application assistance, final plans, details, specifications, cost estimating, and construction administration.

Why I Do What I Do
When I was young, my family bought and then spent the next several years renovating a 100+ year old farmhouse.  Through that early experience I was able to see the benefits and rewards of giving new life to something old.  My career has been focused on infrastructure and building facilities projects that upgrade existing facilities to better meet my clients’ needs and their vision for the future.  Seeing old facilities become new again, savings my clients capital and operating costs, offering sustainable solutions and preserving the character and history of communities is why I do what I do.

Why I Work at Woodard & Curran
My career in engineering began at Woodard & Curran, and in my time here I have never lacked the opportunity for personal and professional growth, relationships with exceptionally talented co-workers, and above all else, a culture where doing the right thing for our clients is at the core of everything we do.

Project Highlights

Biomass Boiler Installation
Maine School Administrative District (MSAD) #29
Woodard & Curran assisted Maine School Administrative District (MSAD) #29 in evaluating the financial benefits of a woodchip biomass boiler. Based on positive results and successfully securing $910,000 in grant funds, Woodard & Curran assembled a design-build team to install the new boiler and provide woodchip storage. The project involves renovations to house the woodchip storage and boiler, and the connection of the new system to the existing hot water distribution system in the high school and adjacent vocational school. Woodard & Curran helped MSAD #29 and the Forestry Department select auxiliary emissions equipment that will allow the new system to operate in compliance with proposed EPA emissions standards.

Wind Power Development
University of Maine at Presque Isle
The University of Maine developed a renewable energy project at its Presque Isle campus, offsetting approximately 33% of the campus’ annual campus energy costs. Woodard & Curran evaluated the local wind resource and developed a turbine feasibility, location, and characteristics model. We assisted with all aspects of permitting for the project, including Maine DEP, FAA, and FERC applications. Other services included site design and primary electrical connection design and cost analysis. After securing approvals, Woodard & Curran developed bid documents and helped manage the procurement and contracting process. The turbine was installed in 2009 with Woodard & Curran providing the associated site-civil engineering.

Building Renovation
Loring Development Authority, Limestone, ME

After the closing of the Loring Air Force base in Limestone, ME, the Loring Development Authority was formed to redevelop the facilities and attract businesses. The Authority hired Woodard & Curran to help convert a former warehouse space to new light industrial use, including upgrades to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, as well as building system improvements to the electrical power distribution, lighting, heating and ventilation systems. Work included modifying the building foundation for internal loading docks, below slab compressed air and power distribution, and additional ventilation. A fast track design and construction approach allowed over one million dollars worth of improvements to be implemented within a very narrow timeframe.

Energy Audit and Building Upgrades
Hancock County Commissioners, ME
The Hancock County Commissioners and their facilities staff were looking to increase the efficiency of the buildings they manage, which include the County Court House, Jail, Sherriff’s office and District Attorney’s office in Ellsworth Maine and the nearby Bar Harbor regional airport in Trenton, Maine. Woodard & Curran was hired to complete an energy audit on the facilities, which are of all building types, ages and condition, and develop a plan for the upgrades that would yield favorable return on investment. Subsequently, the County asked Woodard & Curran to develop a Request for Proposal for solicitation of contract services to complete initial phases of the upgrades. To reduce the payback of the upgrades, Woodard & Curran coordinated with the Efficiency Maine Trust to secure grant funds for the project.

Liquid Methane Facility Site Design and Permiting
Maine Liquid Methane Fuel, Brewer, ME
To offer a solution to high energy costs in central and northern Maine, where gas infrastructure is scarce, Maine Liquid Methane Fuels (MLMF) asked Woodard & Curran to assist with site selection and environmental, site, air and local permitting for a new gas fractionization facility in Brewer, Maine. The facility will draw gas form the Maritimes and Northeast pipeline, purify it, and pressurize it so it can be utilized in industrial applications or in fleet vehicles. The project will also provide economic stimulus to the surrounding central and northern Maine communities. Woodard & Curran an appropriate site in Brewer, Maine, adjacent to the existing pipeline, and successfully secured all required permits and local approvals for the project.

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