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Woodard & Curran senior staff have been helping clients develop cost-effective remediation solutions since the beginning of most state regulatory programs.  Our staff have occupied leadership positions in promoting the development of risk-based, forward-thinking state regulatory programs in the Northeast. Our senior-level engineers and scientists have developed a team of regulatory experts, and today Woodard & Curran offers unmatchable experience in both Federal and state-led programs.

Each state-led program has its own requirements, and successfully navigating the process requires a knowledgeable team of experts. Woodard & Curran’s remediation experts have strong working relationships with regulators and understand what to do to avoid delays and unexpected costs. This experience results in a streamlined permitting process, expedited schedules, and successful completion of the project.

Our experience includes working with states that have implemented a “privatized” system whereby qualified individuals become licensed to oversee site remediation projects and verify compliance with the state regulations.  These individuals act as an extension of the often understaffed agency. Woodard & Curran has an ever-growing number of state-licensed professionals able to help our clients cost-effectively identify and remediate contamination on or from their properties, manage risk during property transactions, incorporate remediation activities into site construction designs, and eliminate future costs associated with environmental issues.  

The challenge we have successfully met time and again is to help our clients achieve their business objectives while remaining good stewards of the environment.

Project Highlights 

Remediation & Redevelopment Services
Target Corporation

Read about Woodard & Curran's brownfield redevelopment work for Target. 

Brownfield Redevelopment
Pharmaceutical Company
Read about Woodard & Curran's brownfield redevelopment project for this golbal pharmaceutical company.

Ecologically Sensitive Redevelopment
Confidential Manufacturing Company, MA
Woodard & Curran’s detailed technical expertise and close work with the community and project stakeholders are making the difference for this manufacturing client, whose goal is to prepare an underutilized 80-acre parcel of land for sale and future development. The parcel is adjacent to wetlands and river habitat for protected species, factors that made the remediation planning and permitting, which included riverbank and sediment excavation and restoration, particularly challenging.

Completed by Woodard & Curran’s team of Licensed Site Professionals and ecological risk assessors, we guided the client through the entire MA Contingency Plan process, most recently including the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials, drums, demolition waste, and PCB and nitro-cellulose impacted sediments and soils.

IE Fix
Jeffrey Hamel, LSP