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At Woodard & Curran, construction services begin during design. Constructability, efficiency, and economic considerations all play a part in the design process, with construction experts providing technical input and review. For new facilities, this helps ensure a smooth construction process. For facility expansions, upgrades, and retrofits, it reduces downtime and allows operations to proceed during construction with a minimum of interruptions.

Woodard & Curran’s construction services are designed to foster close cooperation between all parties, from the project owner to the last contractor. Our long history of construction experience means that we have a broad pool of construction-seasoned staff backed by an extensive library of guidelines, procedures, forms, and standard materials that streamlines the entire process.

Because safety is always a priority, we provide our field staff with OSHA safety training. Staff members have OSHA 10-Hour and OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training Certificates, 40-Hour HAZWOPER training, and the 8-Hour HAZWOPER Supervisor Certificate for construction sites with contamination issues

Woodard & Curran’s construction services include:

  • Bidding Support – complete coordination of the bidding process including recommendations based on our review of bid packages and qualifications.
  • Construction Field Administration – on-site monitoring of construction progress including interpretation of design documents, construction quality evaluation, and recommendations on proposed change orders.
  • Construction Office Administration – support from the design team, including assistance with construction document clarifications, evaluation of change order requests, and monitoring of specialized construction.
  • Shop Drawing Review – review of drawings and submittals from contractors.
  • Change Order Negotiation – negotiation with contractors to ensure change orders are reasonable and necessary.
  • Project Start-up – coordinate with contractors to start up and conduct performance tests of the constructed project and coordinate all training activities.
  • Project Closeout – after construction is completed, Woodard & Curran provides you with all construction documentation including record drawings, shop drawings, and O&M Manuals.

Project Highlights 

Wastewater Treatment System Upgrades
Lowell MA

As part of a long-term program of modernization at Lowell’s 30 mgd wastewater treatment plant, Woodard & Curran provided a wide range of construction services. The program included replacement and upgrade of the electrical system, plant SCADA system, numerous process units, structural repairs, replacement of the recycled water system, and improvements to staff spaces. Woodard & Curran coordinated extensively between contractors, and plant operations staff, and City personnel.

Tri-Community Recycling & Sanitary Landfill

For more than 15 years, Woodard & Curran has assisted in the development of this regional landfill. Expansion projects have lead to the nearly continuous presence of Woodard & Curran construction field staff at the site. From general site improvement to secure landfill cell construction, leachate collection and treatment, and building construction, Woodard & Curran has turned design documents into complete projects. This has lead to strong working relationships with project contractors, which in turn means smoother construction, better-controlled costs, and quicker response when contractors are needed on-site.

Recreational Facility Redevelopment
Macy Park, Westchester County, NY

Westchester County hired Woodard & Curran to create a state-of-the-art recreational facility on the banks of the Saw Mill River. Woodard & Curran provided planning, permitting, and construction services for the multi-phase, multi-year project. From bidding assistance to regular site visits and construction observation, Woodard & Curran acted on behalf of the County during construction of natural grass athletic fields, parking lots, walking paths, pedestrian bridges, irrigation systems, lighting, general site improvements, and storm water management facilities.

Confidential Former Gas Works
New England

After investigating site conditions, determining appropriate cleanup methodologies, and gaining various regulatory and public interest group approvals, Woodard & Curran provided assistance during construction of the remedial actions at this former coal gasification plant. Working under strict environmental guidelines, a series of construction contracts were awarded for demolition of facilities, removal of contaminated soils, treatment of in-situ contaminants, construction of cut-off barriers, and shoreline restoration. Woodard & Curran provided a complete package of construction assistance from soliciting bids, through on-site construction monitoring and regulatory compliance documentation.