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Managing a utility has become more complex and challenging than ever before. These challenges put more responsibility on treatment facility staff. Today, operational specialists are expected to have a broad set of skills, from regulatory knowledge, treatment process know-how, and laboratory testing to computer literacy and security awareness. On-going training can help a facility’s staff not only handle this new technology, but also achieve higher levels of certification and recognize compliance issues early.

Woodard & Curran has been providing environmental training and educational programs throughout the country since the early 1990s. We tailor our course offerings to suit a client’s needs, from one-day seminars to month-long programs, and focus on certification preparation, water treatment, biological systems operation, nutrient removal, safety, SCADA, and system inspection preparation. Our training services are guided by Michael Cherniak, C.E.T., who has 30 years of environmental training experience and is past president of the National Environmental Safety, and Health Training Association. Mr. Cherniak is supported by other technical specialists in the development and delivery of our training programs.

Project highlights 

Train-the-Trainer Program
Orange County Wastewater Authority, FL

Woodard & Curran developed and delivered a four-day, Train-the-Trainer program for Orange County Wastewater Authority supervisors. The program was designed to provide the supervisors the necessary skills to serve as future in-house technical trainers for O&M staff.  The supervisors performed home-study assignments and delivered a 10-15 minute presentation during the last session, earning the participants more opportunities for advancement and responsibility.

Biological Nutrient Removal Seminar
New Hampshire DES
In 2006, Woodard & Curran volunteered to design and deliver an operator-focused, one-day course on Biological Nutrient Removal for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.  The course focused on nitrification and denitrification, with a special emphasis on process control and troubleshooting. More than forty operators attended the session. Based on participant feedback, the state coordinator noted that “the instructor’s knowledge, teaching style, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in presenting the materials was most informative to the audience.”

Stormwater Pollution Control and Countermeasure Plan Education
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, FL

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Florida was mandated by federal law to develop an airport Stormwater Pollution Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan and educate all airport tenants about their responsibilities under the program.  The authority selected Woodard & Curran to design and deliver six tailored presentations to more than 50 tenants at the Orlando International and Executive airports. Attendees reported that the program “was better than expected, easy to understand, and very helpful.” GOAA has requested that Woodard & Curran return in 2008 and present the program again to fulfill annual requirements.

Technical and Management Training Programs
University of Florida TREEO Center
Since 2003, Woodard & Curran trainers have delivered biological treatment and wastewater management training programs for the University’s Environmental Training Center. Course attendance and evaluations have been consistently positive and the director has requested that Woodard & Curran submit further ideas on new courses for 2008.

Biological Process Control and Troubleshooting Courses
Native American Water Association

Woodard and Curran have delivered more than ten, two-day Biological Process Control and Troubleshooting courses throughout the U.S. for the Native American Water Association. Attendees have included utility staff, supervisors, and engineers. The courses focus on SBR and wastewater membrane system operation and control.  NAWA reports that their participants have been so pleased with the Woodard & Curran training sessions that they expanded our agreement to deliver five additional courses in 2008.

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