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Woodard & Curran provides engineering and consulting services to investors, corporations, and developers for retail, mixed use, commercial, residential, and hospitality assets. 

We are committed to delivering solutions focused on your business needs. We provide an integrated suite of civil and environmental engineering and consulting services to meet all your permitting, site design, and environmental goals. All of these services are delivered to you through a single point of contact at Woodard & Curran, providing easy access to a consistent level of service. This relationship gives you access to:

  • Environmental services, including environmental site assessments, property condition assessments, and remediation design, implementation, and oversight; 
  • Permitting assistance and technical support; 
  • Site Planning and Design, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design services; 
  • Stormwater engineering; 
  • Utility design for water and wastewater systems; 
  • Design-Build and Construction Management; 
  • Materials testing; 
  • Indoor air quality assessments; 
  • Decommissioning services; and 
  • Water and wastewater contract operations.

Project Hightlights 

Brownfield Redevelopment for Retail Use
Target, CT
Read about Woodard & Curran's brownfield redevelopment work for Target.

Brownfield Redevelopment, engineering, and permitting
Framingham, Massachusetts

The closure of a former landfill site in Framingham, Massachusetts paved the way for the development of a 60,000-square-foot residential treatment campus. Woodard & Curran helped the client achieve site clean up and closure under state and Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) regulations. Services included redevelopment of the property with site design, civil engineering services including low impact development stormwater techniques, and public outreach and education.

Facility Decommissioning
Confidential Client, MA

Redeveloping a former industrial site into a retail facility required demolishing an existing historical light industrial facility. Before demolition could proceed, the owner had to determine if there were any hazardous substances in the building materials and hired Woodard & Curran to determine whether any abatement activities were necessary. Through sampling, we discovered that interior paint in the building contained PCBs. Woodard & Curran planned and permitted the abatement, contracted and oversaw the removal of PCB-bearing paints, conducted monitoring, and filed closure reports, which allowed the site to be successfully redeveloped.

Wastewater Permitting
Confidential Development Client, NY
A planned 140-home subdivision needed permits to discharge treated wastewater.  To accomplish this, Woodard & Curran obtained one of only two approvals granted under the NY City Department of Environmental Protection’s Pilot Phosphorus Offset Project.  With no other sewer systems to connect to, the approval allows for the construction of new surface-discharge wastewater treatment plants through reductions in phosphorus loading from other sources.

Community Housing Development
Confidential Development Association, RI

A community-based housing development association sought to turn a former manufacturing facility into a planned housing development.  Woodard & Curran provided permitting support and site design services for this 20-unit, urban, in-fill project.

IE Fix
David MacDonald, LSP, PG