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As population density in the United States increases and the amount of available open space decreases, the landfill process is increasingly driven by development. Proper solid waste management both protects public health and makes way for the redevelopment of large tracts of valuable land. We have a long history of success providing design engineering and planning services for solid waste projects. Whether closing a landfill classified as a Superfund site or designing phased closures for municipal facilities using recycled cover materials, our approach is rooted in client-specific programs integrating environmental and solid waste engineering, hydrogeology, and strong communications with regulators.

Project Highlights 

Vertical Capacity Increase
Tri Community Landfill, Fort Fairfield, ME
Waste disposal in Maine is limited by the number of landfills available, thereby requiring innovative approaches to increasing capacity. We designed and gathered the necessary regulatory approvals for a 1,000,000 cubic yard vertical capacity increase of the Tri-Community Recycling and Sanitary Landfill in Caribou, Maine, which adds 18 additional years of usable life to this 39-acre landfill. The expansion area lays over the existing landfill, increasing capacity without using additional land.

Alternative Landfill Cap Saves Over $1 Million
South Kingstown (RI) Town Dump/University of Rhode Island Disposal Area Superfund Site

In less than the two years proposed by regulators, Woodard & Curran closed the South Kingstown/URI Superfund Site, an 18-acre site in South Kingstown, Rhode Island on the U.S. EPA’s National Priorities List, with an alternative cap design for unlined hazardous waste landfills. It uses less expensive, readily available materials and significantly reduces the total thickness of the cap. The closure consolidates the five landfill areas into two fill areas, reducing the total areas of landfill needing capping by five acres. These innovative approaches resulted in project savings of over $1 million.

Senior Expertise for Landfill Closure Plan Negotiation
City of Hartford, CT

We provided senior leadership and expertise to the City of Hartford, Connecticut, in negotiations with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA), for a plan to close Hartford’s municipal landfill by 2008. The plan includes a landmark agreement between the City and CRRA that commits CRRA to significant retrofitting of diesel equipment to improve air quality in the City. It also provides for CRRA funding of programs to increase recycling in Hartford and creates a citizen’s advisory group to participate in decisions on future uses of the site.

State-of-the-Art Waste Handling, Processing, and Recycling Facility
Town of Ogunquit, ME

We designed, permitted, and provided construction administration for a 4-acre, state-of-the-art waste handling, processing, and recycling facility in Ogunquit, Maine. The new facility replaces Ogunquit’s small, outdated transfer station.

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