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Few environmental consulting firms have the industrial process background and operations experience that Woodard & Curran offers. We understand the demands of manufacturing within regulatory constraints, and we have the waste treatment process design and operations expertise that it takes to develop cost-effective, practical solutions.

For decades, we have assisted industry with waste treatment needs by developing solutions that achieve compliance requirements and give companies a competitive edge. Our experts have industrial manufacturing process experience combined with in-depth knowledge of advanced treatment processes and environmental regulations. We work with our clients closely to assess compliance issues, perform basic treatability studies, and develop a range of conceptual designs that keep manufacturing considerations in proper focus.

We tackle the toughest environmental challenges by scrutinizing existing infrastructure and evaluating operations to develop a design and compliance plan that matches the appropriate technology to a given industry. We assess whether to build new facilities or upgrade existing ones, phase or stage implementation to meet strict deadlines, and we design and maintain service during construction.

We work with our clients to assist them in all stages of project execution, from permitting and conceptual design to engineering services during the construction phase and start-up assistance.

Project Highlights 

Contract Operations, Management, & Maintenance
Confidential Food Industry Client

Since January 2002, Woodard & Curran has served as contract operator for a confidential food industry client’s 1-MGD pretreatment facility in Utah. During the first year of contract operations, Woodard & Curran restored the operation of the bulk chemical storage equipment, saving the client approximately $20,000. Other upgrades included installation of a computerized maintenance system, a new sludge pump, insulating city water lines, sludge fill piping, an inventory management system, an electric hoist for removal of influent pumps, an influent modulating valve, and restoration of floor drains. In addition, a training program was successfully implemented to raise skills of facility operators and increase efficiency.      

Engineering Studies & Services
Confidential Pharmaceutical Industry Client

Driven by limited water resources and regulatory restrictions for wastewater discharge to the publicly operated treatment system, a confidential pharmaceutical company turned to Woodard & Curran to provide engineering services for plant water conservation and reuse opportunities at the corporation’s manufacturing facility in California. Woodard & Curran conducted a comprehensive study for defining water conservation and reuse opportunities at the plant for process, utility, and sanitary (domestic) water and wastewater systems. The study resulted in an implementation plan and recommendations for short-term and long-term action items, including the design of a 30,000-GPD tertiary industrial wastewater treatment plant that utilizes advanced oxidation treatment (AOT) and destroys active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) prior to discharging into the environment.

Treatment Plant Expansion
Confidential Resort & Casino

With insufficient capacity and space for a variety of functions, sludge being hauled off-site, an odor control problem, an unmaintainable supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, lack of weather protection for outside equipment, and noisy aeration blowers, Woodard & Curran was hired to expand the wastewater treatment plant at a confidential resort and casino in California to alleviate current problems and allow for future growth of the property. The firm provided preliminary design using a membrane bioreactor (MBR) process to minimize the plant’s footprint and allow construction adjacent to the sequencing batch reactor (SBR) tank. The plant capacity was phased consistently with two phases of hotel expansion, from its previous capacity of 100,000 GPD to an ultimate capacity of 500,000 GPD. Woodard & Curran teamed with a local contractor to execute the project in a fast track, design/build mode and is also providing startup support services.

Design & Operations
Ken's Foods

What started out as emergency support services from Woodard & Curran spun off into design and operations of the Ken’s Foods wastewater treatment plant in McDonough, GA. The firm performed a capacity evaluation, sampling, detailed design, odor control housekeeping, relish handling, a Phase 2 evaluation, construction management, and startup services at the facility, as well as ongoing operations and management. Additional services include electrical, instrumentation, and controls work.

Engineering, Design, & Construction Services
Confidential Manufacturing Client

Woodard & Curran provided engineering services to develop a wastewater treatment plant upgrade design at a confidential client's manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand. Increased production volumes caused the wastewater generation rate to increase beyond plant capacity, forcing the client to truck a portion of the wastewater off-site. Woodard & Curran evaluated alternative processes for increasing the capacity of the facility from 300,000 GPD to 800,000 GPD and prepared a design basis document (DBD) for the selected alternative that served as the basis for subsequent design and construction activities. Woodard & Curran teamed with a local contractor to execute the project in a fast-track, design/build mode, completing the project in approximately five months. The plant is in full operation and is successfully treating all of the wastewater generated by the manufacturing operations.

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