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Woodard & Curran operates and maintains nearly 50 municipal, federal, and industrial water/wastewater facilities nationwide, ranging in size from .1 MGD to 330 MGD.  We also provide cost-effective solutions at groundwater remediation sites where pump and treat systems are installed.

Our signature mix of engineering, science, and operations provides the ideal combination for clients required to operate facilities devoted to treating contaminated groundwater. This full-service capability to design and implement engineering improvements, drives long-term O&M costs down and brings sites to closure.

Our operations specialists have experience in a wide variety of treatment processes. Examples range from metals precipitation, air stripping, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, advanced oxidation, to activated sludge and activated carbon. This expertise has resulted in improved performance of treatment system and remedial strategies to the point that facility operations can be optimized, thereby reducing cleanup time and saving money.

Our clients also benefit from our ability to provide the right resources and personnel to respond to repairs and emergencies. We invest in training our staff to become more versatile and technically proficient. At the end of the day, this combination of technical expertise, hands-on knowledge, and depth of capabilities makes the difference that has resulted in an exceptional reputation for optimizing performance and lowering O&M costs at remedial action sites.

Project Highlights

Confidential Superfund Site Groundwater Remediation Facilities
New Jersey
In 1998, Woodard & Curran was selected to supply contract operations and maintenance services for landfill cleanup and groundwater remediation facilities at this confidential Superfund Site, which was closed by Federal and State regulators in 1979. The 57-acre site operated from 1959 to 1979 accepted drummed waste, municipal refuse, and large volumes of septage. Our contract operations and hazardous waste experts teamed to identify and implement numerous improvements, including an optimization program that increased the mass flux of contaminants into the treatment system. The landfill cleanup unit includes a 57-acre multi-layer cap and waste and wastewater treatment systems. The groundwater plume unit consists of an interceptor trench and four recovery extraction wells.

Keefe Environmental Services Superfund Site Groundwater Treatment Facility
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Epping, NH
Optimizing the performance of the treatment facility has resulted in significant reductions in the contaminant plume and operational savings, thanks to Woodard & Curran's combined expertise in engineering, science, and operations. After being awarded the contract to operate the facility in 1993, Woodard & Curran initially concentrated on performance objectives, significantly improving performance of the site extraction system. Over the next several years we engineered and initiated installation of a Vacuum Enhanced Extraction system to further onsite remediation. Together, these operational changes and engineering improvements have accelerated site cleanup by several years. This accleration will save the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and U.S. EPA significant sums of money.

Contract Operations of Groundwater Remediation Treatment Facility
Confidential Fortune 50 Client, Northeastern U.S.
Woodard & Curran’s combined expertise in operations and management, engineering, and site remediation made the difference that resulted in our selection to operate this confidential client’s 300-gallon-per-minute groundwater remediation facility. Used for production of industrial chemicals until 1993, the site is now subject to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act program, which requires completion of soil and groundwater investigative work under the direction of the U.S. EPA. In addition to the O&M and process engineering expertise needed to successfully operate this biological and ultraviolet oxidation system, we are also providing general site maintenance and security, SCADA support, and construction services for the site, which continues to undergo remediation. In addition, database and report management associated with the complex remediation site were enhanced, and Woodard & Curran implemented a staff development program focused on staying current with certifications and safety issues.



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