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Before ground is broken on any project, much behind-the-scenes work takes place that can make or break the schedule and budget. We do what it takes to make each project a success, whether it’s navigating a complex regulatory permitting process, leveraging funding sources to make an envisioned project a reality, or managing past or future environmental liabilities associated with a site’s use. Since 1979, our environmental and site-civil specialists have been committed to working with regulators to achieve project solutions that are technically sound, cost-effective, environmentally safe, and acceptable to the public. We move projects from conception to construction by facilitating a collaborative public participation/stakeholder process without compromising the original project’s goals. We maintain close working relationships with critical agencies in the environmental, highway, utility, and conservation fields. Clients also benefit from our experience with funding strategies, grant/loan administration, and access to short- and long-term financing sources. We leverage lesser-known sources to develop creative and tailored funding packages.

Project highlights 

Flood Mitigation and Urban Drainage Improvements
City of Quincy, MA

After experiencing severe flooding during months of extreme precipitation, the City of Quincy, MA faced extensive damage to portions of the public drainage, sanitary sewer, and roadway infrastructure, as well as municipal buildings, facilities, and equipment. To mitigate future damages, Woodard & Curran worked with Quincy to develop and implement a city-wide capital improvement program to reduce the frequency, duration, and extent of future flooding within 24 flood-prone areas of the City. Key aspects of this project included identifying the root cause of repetitive flooding, developing budgetary costs for mitigation measures, prioritizing readily implementable mitigation measures, screening mitigation measures using FEMA’s Benefit Cost Analysis to establish funding grant eligibility, and preparing FEMA Pre-Disaster Flood Hazard Mitigation Grant applications. Woodard & Curran is serving as the City's Program manager to implement the $10M, 3-year Drainage Capital Improvement Program consisting of 12 drainage infrastructure upgrade projects throughout the City.

Athletic Complex Drainage System Upgrade
Brown University

When Brown University’s new state-of-the-art 88,000 square foot fitness and aquatic center was being designed, Woodard & Curran identified a major drainage problem within the Erickson Athletics Complex. The existing drainage infrastructure within the 39-acre complex was undersized and unable to adequately convey the stormwater generated within the watershed. Much of it was also damaged and inaccessible. With plans to convert two existing grass fields to synthetic turf fields, the drainage system was facing even further burden. Brown hired Woodard & Curran to provide engineering design for the new drainage system for the athletic field upgrades. The new design included upgrading and rerouting the piping to mitigate flooding and incorporating stormwater detention into the system. The new system addressed the drainage problems and will serve the facility well into the future.

Athletic Field Permitting, Design, and Construction
City of Stamford, CT

The City of Stamford, CT was embarking on a project to construct tennis courts, tracks, and grass and synthetic turf field on three properties within the city. Each property posed technical and environmental challenges with the key concerns including sensitive soil and stormwater management issues. Woodard & Curran and a New York-based construction contractor partnered to complete the work. Woodard & Curran developed stormwater and soil management strategies to mitigate the concerns and also managed the geotechnical studies, field design, permitting and regulatory compliance, materials management, and electrical design for all three sites. The new athletic fields are a benefit to City residents, and were awarded an Engineering Excellence Award from the Connecticut chapter of ACEC and an award from American Sport Builders Association.

Environmental Consulting and Site Design for LNG Facility
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

In an effort to reduce energy costs, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst decided to increase its control over its liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply-demand equation. The University endeavored to supplement the limited LNG supply it was receiving from a private pipeline by constructing their own LNG storage and processing facility to fuel its central heating plant (CHP) steam generating units.
Woodard & Curran provided environmental consulting support for the project, which included updates to the stormwater pollution prevention plan, Title V renewal and CHP air permitting support, and land-use/environmental permitting support; we also provided site/civil engineering design throughout the entirety of the project. From conception through permitting and construction, the project was completed in six months and in time for the heating season. The new system reduces the University’s operational costs and its environmental impact and is expected to pay for itself in the first two years of operation, saving the University millions over the life of the project.

Design Build of Solar Photovoltaic System
Town of Middletown, RI

Property owner ACP Land, LLC and project developer rTerra were developing a 495 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system for sale of electricity to National Grid’s 13.8 KV distribution network in Middletown, RI. They hired Woodard & Curran as the Design-Builder to work as the project lead performing project management, project controls, equipment procurement, land-use/environmental permitting, and site/civil and electrical solar PV design services to address critical path permitting and interconnection requirements. In addition, Woodard & Curran also provided final engineering, commissioning, and construction services for the installation.

Stormwater Retrofits
East of Hudson Watershed Corporation, NY
As part of the East of Hudson Watershed Corporation’s initiative to help communities meet the requirements for phosphorus reduction as defined by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, they wanted to retrofit existing developed areas in the Hudson Valley region of New York that drain into the New York City reservoir/water supply system. Woodard & Curran was selected to provide the civil engineering services for the stormwater retrofit permitting and design. The projects involve field testing (test pits, soil testing, and percolation testing), planning, permitting, design, and construction oversight for providing stormwater quality treatment in multiple communities (Somers, Carmel, New Castle) via 14 retrofit projects. The retrofit concepts under consideration include low impact development systems, such as porous pavement and subsurface infiltration. Other proposed retrofits include stormwater basin retrofits and bioretention treatment practices. When complete, this project will reduce the amount of phosphorus draining into the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s (NYCDEP) watershed. 

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