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The sheer number, diversity, and complexity of EH&S regulations can make achieving and maintaining compliance a difficult task. The engineers, scientists, regulatory specialists, and environmental attorneys on our compliance team have the skills and experience to help our clients manage all of their environmental responsibilities. As a full-service EH&S compliance services provider, our expertise includes:

  • Air quality permitting and reporting;
  • Comprehensive EH&S compliance auditing;
  • Oil SPCC and Integrated Contingency Plan development;
  • Risk Management and Process Safety Management development and support;
  • Environmental Management System development;
  • EH&S program management;
  • Stormwater management planning; and
  • Training.

We have a national reputation for environmental auditing expertise, and clients rely on us for audits, re-audits, assistance with corrective actions, and disclosures to EPA.

Our compliance professionals bring a working knowledge of regulations and real-world experience to every project.  We work with our clients to understand their obligations and options, and implement best practices to help them achieve their compliance goals. We draw on firm-wide resources to bring the right people to every project, and believe in collaborating with and advocating for our clients. Because fostering long-term compliance is about people and not just regulations, building relationships is the foundation of our approach.

Project Highlights 

Environmental Self-Audit Program
State University of New York System
Read about our work on the 58-campus SUNY environmental audit program.

Comprehensive Compliance Services
Verso Paper

In 2006, Verso Paper acquired a non-operational power cogeneration facility. Getting the facility up and running in order to begin producing energy and getting value from this significant asset was a priority. Verso turned to Woodard & Curran to evaluate the current environmental compliance status of the facility, develop a plan for bringing the facility into compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and develop and implement a compliance program for ongoing operations. The facility is now operational and when it is running it supplies both steam for paper-making operations in Verso’s nearby mill and electricity to the power grid. Woodard & Curran provides ongoing compliance support to Verso.

EH&S Outsourcing
Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC)

Based on compliance assistance that Woodard & Curran had provided, including a multimedia audit, Oil SPCC Plan preparation, and training, CMMC hired Woodard & Curran to provide ongoing EH&S assistance. A Woodard & Curran employee provides scheduled and on-call EH&S consulting to address ongoing compliance management needs and advice on emerging needs as well. CMMC has access to an experienced EH&S professional and the combined resources of Woodard & Curran without the additional cost of employing the expert full time.

EH&S Training
Various Clients
There is a wide range of required formal training that EH&S professionals must obtain regularly. Topics include: hazardous waste management, DOT shipping requirements, oil and used oil management, universal waste management, and emergency preparedness and response. Keeping up with training needs can be a daunting task for organizations of all sizes. Woodard & Curran creates and delivers customized, facility-specific training as well as more general, industry-specific training packages to meet our clients' needs. We support clients with in-person and web-based training programs, keeping environmental professionals up-to-date within their areas of focus.

Process Safety Consulting
Confidential Dairy Client
Many of our client’s dairy processing plants use ammonia systems for processing and refrigeration.  These systems are subject to both OSHA and EPA safety standards.  For this client, protection of human health and the environment are high-priority efforts.  Woodard & Curran has been this client's process safety consultant for nearly a decade, serving as program developer, auditor, process reviewer, and regulatory strategist.  With Woodard & Curran’s help, this client has met its regulatory obligations and is proactively managing health and environmental risk while also protecting its employees and the public.

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