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Water utilities and communities must meet a variety of Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act regulations that monitor and protect the nation's water resources. Woodard & Curran combines engineering, science, operations, and control systems expertise to develop efficient, operator-friendly solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. We partner with our clients, functioning as a committed team with the big picture in mind to keep costs down and increase efficiency. Beginning with a detailed regulatory understanding, our experts have the technical expertise to perform hydrologic and hydrogeologic evaluations to assess complex ecosystem impacts and design treatment and disinfection facilities, as well as distribution system improvements. We routinely perform water quality analyses; SCADA design, implementation, and SCADAServ 24/7 service; GIS-based hydraulic and water quality models; and master planning studies. Our operations staff troubleshoot and resolve compliance problems and operational inefficiencies and provide operator training and education to all our clients.

Project Highlights 

Water Engineering
City of Lowell, MA

Read about Woodard & Curran's long history of providing water services to Lowell, MA

Eliminating High Coliform Levels
Town of Provincetown, MA

When routine testing identified high coliform levels in Provincetown’s water during the summer, we developed solutions to quickly solve the problem and protect public health. Lack of turnover in the water tanks was identified as the problem. Installing a static mixing system and retrofitting well sites and tank sites with a more uniform tablet-delivery chlorine disinfection systems for consistent disinfection were implemented as solutions. The problem has not reoccurred.

Water Treatment Facility Upgrades, Regulatory Compliance
Town of Cumberland, RI

Cumberland needs to provide high-quality water to its residents at reasonable rates by identifying and resolving water supply, treatment, and distribution system issues. We have worked with Cumberland to meet both short-term needs, such as evaluating and optimizing its 0.76-MGD surface water treatment facility to attain and maintain regulatory compliance; and developing a long-term solution to meet future regulations and maintain its infrastructure. We are currently designing and supplying public bidding, construction administration, and resident inspection services for major upgrades at the facility. Work also includes conducting water rate studies, conducted a water system asset evaluation, developed a GIS-based water distribution system computer model, and supply on-call engineering services for water system operation and maintenance issues and future system planning and design needs. 

Upgrade to Retain Filtration Waiver
Great Salt Bay Sanitary District, Damariscotta, ME
When the Great Salt Bay Sanitary District was having difficulty meeting regulatory requirements and was in danger of losing its U.S. EPA filtration waiver, we successfully negotiated with regulators to retain the waiver and completed a series of phased upgrades to bring the system into compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule and Disinfection By-Product Rule requirements, as well as position it for meeting future Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule requirements. Phased upgrades included converting the plant to chloramines for disinfection, adding Ultraviolet disinfection, intake changes, optimizing chemical addition through process monitoring, pH changes, and corrosion control enhancements.

Water Main Replacements
Shirley Water District, Shirley, MA

Like many communities in New England, Shirley must upgrade its aging infrastructure. We have supplied design, bidding, and construction administration to replace many thousands of feet of water main in the town. Projects have included using directional drilling to complete a culvert crossing in an environmentally sensitive area, and developing a fast-track design and construction project to ensure work was finished before the active period for two endangered turtle species was reached. 

WebGIS System Development
Westchester Joint Water Works, NY
Westchester Joint Water Works is putting information technology to work to improve its customer service and business operations and to comply with environmental regulations. It has implemented geographic information systems (GIS) and Web-based information management systems that existing technologies and lay the foundation for its future – providing information that will allow them to expand their system and improve service to its customers.

IE Fix
James Rivard, PE