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You need to build your project in the right spot, whether it is a rural, suburban, or urban development. A dwindling inventory of land available for development means that your project will likely be reclaiming underutilized, historically impacted lands, and in most cases, you will be managing past environmental impacts. Woodard & Curran understands that you need to fit these environmental impacts into the context of your project, limit your liability, eliminate surprises, and manage project schedule and costs.
Our staff of environmental professionals includes national experts on brownfields issues; we have completed thousands of environmental due diligence reviews, environmental investigations, and brownfields cleanups across the nation.

We fit the solution to the problem, focusing on the development outcome to provide you with the right level of risk assessment, as well as pre-characterization and management of impacted soil, during construction and development of earthwork. Our use of innovative approaches, stakeholder outreach, and development-phased implementation has won awards for brownfields reuse.

Our comprehensive brownfields services include:

  • Environmental liability characterization, investigation & risk assessments
  • Building conditions surveys & hazardous materials characterization
  • Remedial planning & corrective action
  • Contaminated earthwork management & site remediation

Project Highlights

Brownfield Redevelopment
Pharmaceutical Company

Read about Woodard & Curran's brownfield redevelopment project for this global pharmaceutical company. 

Remediation & Redevelopment Services
Target Corporation

Read about Woodard & Curran's brownfield redevelopment work for Target.

Brownfield Redevelopment, engineering, and permitting
Framingham, Massachusetts

The closure of a former landfill site in Framingham, Massachusetts paved the way for the development of a 60,000-square-foot residential treatment campus. Woodard & Curran helped the client achieve site clean up and closure under state and Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) regulations. Services included redevelopment of the property with site design, civil engineering services including low impact development stormwater techniques, and public outreach and education. 

Urban Brownfield Redevelopment
City of Portland, ME

Woodard & Curran teamed with several other consultants selected by the City of Portland on site planning and design services for the urban brownfield redevelopment of seven acres in the city’s Bayside neighborhood. Bayside is undergoing tremendous urban renewal, and the City is taking a lead role in developing the area. Woodard & Curran provided support during the development of conceptual plans of the parking garage, including data gathering and analysis. Survey results were used to assess the need for additional utility upgrades and/or extensions, as well as potential stormwater impacts and capacity specifically relating to tidal influences in the city’s storm sewers. Woodard & Curran also evaluated the development parcels, structured parking, and the integration of a trail and its associated components as they relate to traffic capacity, circulation, and access. We worked closely with the City and state to assess and determine the appropriate land use and environmental permitting documents, particularly those for subdivisions, major site plans, and stormwater. Woodard & Curran coordinated all engineering and architectural disciplines into the site/civil drawings, and incorporated the necessary utility connections and off-site improvements, to complete the construction documents.

Due Diligence & Brownfield Redevelopment
Assembly Square Redevelopment
Services on this $1.5-billion redevelopment project include: environmental due diligence to support purchase; remedial assessment, planning and design; hydrogeologic assessment; human and ecological risk assessment; regulatory negotiations and permitting; construction management services; and soil management planning. The project has taken several former industrial, commercial, and bulk petrochemical storage facilities and is transforming them into a revitalized mixed-use area of the city. The project is planned to run in design and construction phases through 2010. 

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R. Duff Collins, PG, LSP