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The diversity of workplace risks and requirements is constantly growing and changing. By proactively managing risk, you can better safeguard public health and worker safety, and establish systems to add business value through health & safety performance improvements. Woodard & Curran offers technical and management consulting solutions to help recognize, evaluate, and control workplace hazards and public health risks.

Our expertise in existing and emerging regulations and voluntary standards and our collaborative systems approach to problem-solving yield innovative solutions for our clients. Our priority is to develop planning and implementation solutions that help you effectively identify, prioritize, and manage both routine workplace risks and requirements, and unexpected events and threats to worker safety, public health, property, and the environment. Driving health & safety system improvements and being prepared for contingencies add overall value to your organization by managing direct and indirect costs, engaging employees, maintaining freedom to operate, and enhancing your organization’s reputation.

Our core services include:

  • Safety management systems (e.g., OHSAS 18001, ANSI Z10, OSHA Voluntary Protection Program, and customized, integrated systems) including information management and performance measurement tools.
  • Hazard and risk assessments (e.g., JSAs, PHAs, exposure assessments, PPE hazard assessments).
  • Program development support in a broad range of health & safety risk management and compliance areas.
  • Emergency preparedness and response planning, including: hazardous materials emergency planning, pandemic influenza and bioterrorism emergency preparedness, business continuity, and other integrated or all hazards risk-based emergency planning approaches.
  • Training, including: management seminars; compliance courses; train-the-trainer programs; and drills, tabletop exercises, and other emergency management tests.
  • Audits, assessments, gap analyses, and benchmarking.

Project highlights 

Occupational Health & Safety Managment System
Confidential Pharmaceutical company
The research and development campus of a leading global pharmaceutical company is preparing for an external audit of its Occupational Health & Safety Management System for registration in conformance with the OHSAS 18001 standard. Woodard & Curran is providing consulting support, including developing management system procedures, safety manuals, standard operating procedures, and implementation guidance in areas ranging from chemical safety, biosafety, and industrial hygiene to process hazard analysis and management of change.

Industrial Hygiene and Health & Safety Consulting
Confidential Metal Manufacturer

Since 2003, Woodard & Curran has helped a leading producer of aluminum products address a range of industrial hygiene and occupational health & safety issues in facilities across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We conducted industrial hygiene exposure assessments for chemicals, noise, ergonomics, heat stress, and biological materials. We have also provided audit preparation, training, and program development support for topics including hazard communication, chemical safety, radiation safety, respiratory protection, and refractory ceramic fibers.

Risk Managment
19 Institution Consortium

In order to improve overall risk management efforts, a consortium of 19 institutions—including world-renowned hospitals and colleges—turned to Woodard & Curran for a variety of emergency preparedness planning support services. A Woodard & Curran staff member spent 6 months on-site working to update the area-wide Emergency Response Plan. We also assisted with updates to the Business Continuity Contingency Plan. Facilitating collaboration among all the stakeholders was an integral part of these projects. In a consortium, this is particularly important, and successfully supporting collaboration greatly improves overall risk management efforts.

Health & Safety Consulting
Confidential R&D Client

Our client was concerned that its existing systems and documentation did not address all the necessary standards. Woodard & Curran helped identify a multitude of applicable legal requirements and industry best practices to address the issue. We reviewed the company’s written programs and standard operating procedures, assessed the EH&S regulatory requirements that applied to sites in several states, and developed recommendations to address any issues identified. This process included OSHA general industry and construction standards, EPA, State, and local environmental regulations, Select Agents and Toxins regulations, and several standards for biosafety, laser safety, and overhead hoists. In addition, we conducted EH&S audits at two facilities in the midwest.

Confined Space Assessment
Confidential Client

A client needed to identify and evaluate the hazards posed by over 200 confined spaces on its campus and formulate a plan for rescue situations.  Woodard & Curran completed a confined space assessment, which included on-site entry and evaluation of spaces to determine whether they meet the OSHA definitions of "confined space" or "permit-required," and provided recommendations related to hazards and control methods, signage, and types of rescue service. We developed a matrix of over 200 spaces that identified hazards, control measures, and rescue service recommendations for each space, and a written report summarizing the overall issues with recommendations for improved program management.

Comprehensive EH&S Consulting
Confidential Pharmaceutical Client
Pharmaceutical companies manage numerous health and safety issues every day. In order to address routine and emerging needs, this client has turned to Woodard & Curran for comprehensive EH&S consulting since 2003. We have provided program development, training, assessments, decomissioning assistance, permitting assistance, and recommendations for the design of new laboratory and chemical and waste storage space. We have provided training and program development support in a wide range of areas, including chemical hygiene, biosafety, bloodborne pathogens, emergency action, fire prevention, personal protective equipment, laboratory inspections, incident reporting and management, and related topics.


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