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As practicing engineers and scientists, Woodard & Curran’s experts have a wealth of hands-on experience in their fields. Because our professionals are applying their skills to a diverse array of projects on a daily basis, they offer creative and pragmatic answers to complex questions. From air quality science to product safety research, Woodard & Curran has provided litigation support, expert testimony, and trial exhibit preparation services to the legal community in many of our areas of specialty. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to sound science and exceptional engineering make us a partner you can rely on.


Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
 Anne Tischbein - Industrial Standard of Practice
   Tom FrancoeurDuff Collins, Michael Curato - Damages
   Karl KasperNick Hastings - Contribution Claims
   Anne Tischbein, Lisa Campe - Toxic Torts
   Karl Kasper - Fate and Transport

Product Liability
   Lisa Campe - Product Stewardship

Corrective and Remedial Action
   Lisa Campe - Risk Assessment and Risk Management
   Peter Nangeroni, Karl Kasper, Pat O’Hara - Superfund
   Karl KasperNick Hastings - RCRA
   Dave MacDonaldDuff Collins, Karl KasperNick Hastings - Brownfields Redevelopment
   Dave MacDonald, Duff Collins, Lisa Campe - MCP
   Janet Robinson - Ecological Risk/Endangered Species

Environmental Health & Safety Compliance and Risk Management
   Adam Steinman, Tom Stoughton - Audits
   Adam Steinman - Emergency Response Plans

Site Development
   Dave MacDonald, Duff Collins, Karl Kasper - Due Dilligence
   Brent BridgesAlan Benevides - Engineering
   Duff Collins, Karl KasperNick Hastings - Environmental
   Dave MacDonald - Construction Management

Air Quality
    Tom Stoughton 

Corporate Risk Management
   MaryKristin Ivanovich - Homeland Security
   Anne TischbeinTom Francoeur - Environmental Liability Assessment
   Adam Steinman - Sustainability

Information Management Services
   Tom Francoeur 

   Helen Gordon 

   Jim Rivard 

   Jason House, Karl Kasper 

IE Fix
Anne Tischbein