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The measurement of a company’s or institution’s success has moved beyond just economic metrics to include environmental and social factors—the triple bottom line. Woodard & Curran helps corporate, college and university, and other clients improve their triple bottom line performance by helping to develop solutions that: optimize energy use and operational efficiency; identify, prioritize, and reduce risks; foster innovation and new market opportunities; assist with the management of change through facilitation and training; minimize supply-chain disruptions; and enhance brand reputation.

Our sustainability practice is based on our decades of engineering, design, and management experience and our commitment to environmental stewardship and integrity. We help our clients get the results they’re looking for while doing more with less, conserving resources, and minimizing waste and emissions.

Core services include:

  • Comprehensive, multimedia sustainability baselining;
  • Market and technical research;
  • Strategic planning;
  • LEED and green design assistance;
  • Wind turbine feasibility studies, permitting, and siting;
  • Climate change risk management, greenhouse gas inventories and reduction programs;
  • Energy conservation planning and implementation;
  • Solid waste and recycling management planning and implementation;
  • Product stewardship, innovation, and life cycle assessments;
  • Pollution prevention and hazardous waste minimization studies;
  • Corporate social responsibility reports developed under GRI guidelines; and
  • Third-party assurance services for sustainability reports.

Project highlights 

Climate Action Plan Development
Central Connecticut State University

Climate change is one of the most complex and difficult challenges the world faces, and Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) has stepped up into a leadership position on the issue. As a signatory to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), CCSU is on its way to climate neutrality, and a key step on that path is preparing and implementing a Climate Action Plan (CAP). With the deadline for submitting its CAP to the ACUPCC looming, CCSU turned to Woodard & Curran for help. Read the full case study.

Product Redesign for Sustainability
Confidential Food & Beverage Client

Woodard & Curran is helping a Fortune 500 global food and beverage retailer reduce environmental risks associated with a product’s life-cycle while enhancing the retailers brand reputation. Using market and materials research strategies, Woodard & Curran is helping the client develop and phase-in products that are manufactured with environmentally preferable materials, taking potentially toxic generating materials out of the supply chain and post-consumer process.

EHS Management Systems Development & Implementation Support
Fortune 500 Confidential Client

A rapidly growing global Fortune 500 company, with annual sales topping $5 billion, turned to Woodard & Curran to adopt a corporate system that could effectively manage environmental health and safety issues while supporting continued growth. Woodard & Curran is helping the corporation to optimize its global business opportunities by developing global standards for its EHS management programs through a sophisticated EHS management system framework that can achieve certification/registration to the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Woodard & Curran developed a comprehensive information management system that is used by the corporation to interface with its dispersed plants and manage the required documentation and records associated with the standards.

PVC Alternatives Research Project
Fortune 500 Confidential Client

A confidential food/restaurant industry client, known to incorporate environmentally aware practices in its operations, wanted to assess the potential environmental impacts of PVC loyalty/gift cards and conduct research on non-PVC alternatives. Woodard & Curran assessed the content and production process of the PVC-based cards, including the type(s) of stabilizers, plasticizers, and other additives used in the manufacturing process. Based on results of the research, the client understood the environmental and cost impacts of the PVC-based product as well as the feasibility of a potential phase-out, helping it make sound business decisions that could meet the triple bottom line. 

Pollution Prevention Study
Large State University, Southern United States
A southern state university turned to Woodard & Curran to reduce and prevent pollution on its campus through minimization of hazardous waste. Through a comprehensive, multimedia study, Woodard & Curran developed specific pollution prevention and hazardous waste minimization recommendations that included material substitutions in shops, labs, and art studios; implementation of green chemistry practices and a campus-wide chemical inventory system; expansion of and improvements to recycling and rag laundering programs; and separation of used oil from solvent waste. As a result of implementing the study’s recommendations, generation of hazardous waste was decreased while reducing cost and management concerns of the university's Environmental Health & Safety department. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Confidential Private Utility Company
This energy generation, management, and distribution company is developing its sustainability initiative, which includes an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Woodard & Curran helped the client draft its first CSR report in 2004 using the GRI reporting guidelines. We worked closely with the client to address the GRI core indicators (economic, social, and environmental), as well as many additional indicators. Based on the success of the first report, the client has turned to Woodard & Curran to lead the development and publication of its 2005 and 2006 reports as well. The data was transformed into useful information and a document that not only tells the story of the company but shares its vision for fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship, and commitment to its community.

Woodard & Curran's LEED certified office wing in Portland, ME.

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