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Air emissions are a major concern for nearly every industry and segment of the economy. Many businesses and organizations face stringent emissions regulations, and every day more of them are going beyond those requirements to protect the environment. Woodard & Curran offers a full range of air quality services to industrial, commercial, energy industry, college and university, and government clients. From permit applications, to implementing emissions control technologies, and dispersion modeling, we help clients proactively manage their air emissions. We are committed to addressing our clients’ specific needs and strive to reduce environmental liability, maximize operational flexibility, and provide long-term solutions to minimize environmental impacts and costs.

Our clients hire Woodard & Curran to help address their air emissions needs because we deliver results. We bring hands-on experience and specific expertise in regulatory requirements and engineering design/development to every project. Our services include:

  • New Source Review;
  • Control technology requirements (MACT, BACT, RACT, LAER, BPT, etc.);
  • Title V permit applications and modifications;
  • Air quality dispersion modeling;
  • Wind power assistance;
  • Periodic monitoring/compliance assurance monitoring;
  • Periodic reporting requirements assistance;
  • Air emissions and greenhouse gas emissions inventories;
  • Information management systems development and implementation; and
  • Economic and operational feasibility assessments.

Project Highlights 

Renewable Energy Production
Greenville Steam Company, MA
The Greenville Steam Company, a long-term client of Woodard & Curran, wanted to qualify its biomass boiler power-generation system as “advanced biomass power conversion technology” for qualification in Massachusetts’ renewable energy program. Qualification would mean the power Greenville generated would be considered renewable under a State of Massachusetts program and would help Massachusetts retail power suppliers meet there statutory obligations to provide renewable energy to their clients. This new market for Greenville Steam Company and other wood fired power plants has revitalized a critical renewable industry as it recognizes the renewable nature of the wood-fired power plants and provides new markets for these facilities to sell their products. With help from Woodard & Curran, Greenville identified the proper compliant technologies, obtained required permits in Maine and Massachusetts, and met initial start-up and compliance requirements. The plant is now a viable producer of power using waste material, reclaiming value that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Greenville’s efforts have resulted in one of the cleanest power-generating operations in the country.

Emission Permitting Assistance
University of Vermont

Woodard & Curran has worked with UVM on various compliance auditing and air quality-related projects over the last several years. Woodard & Curran first conducted a targeted air emissions compliance audit of UVM’s campus. The project involved reviewing the conditions of UVM’s operating permit and the Vermont regulations, fuel burning operations at the campus Central Heating Plant, the operation of campus emergency generators and satellite boilers, the use and recycling of refrigerants, and the applicable requirements of the New Source Review and NESHAP programs. Woodard & Curran then worked with UVM to resolve outstanding issues and to prepare an application to modify UVM’s air operating permit to address inconsistencies and to obtain approval to operate several emergency engines for peak shaving. Woodard & Curran is currently preparing a Title V air permit application to accommodate the campus’ growing steam demand. The permit application includes a refined modeling analysis of UVM’s Central Heating Plant and a top-down review of control technologies available and associated costs to reduce campus emissions. 

Greenhouse Gas Management
Global Food Industry Client

Our client, a global food industry company with operations in several countries, decided to participate in an EPA initiative to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the US. In order to participate in the program, our client first needed to develop a complete inventory of GHG emissions. Based on this data, they would then implement an inventory management plan (IMP) to reduce emissions. Our client hired Woodard & Curran to collect existing data on GHG emissions, supplement it as necessary, and draft the IMP. We reviewed our client’s domestic operations, including manufacturing and distribution systems, and documented GHG emissions from fuel combustion, electricity purchases, refrigerant use, process operation, and transportation. We then drafted the IMP, which our client will use to reduce emissions and track progress toward its overall GHG reduction goal.

Cogeneration Facility Consulting
Cellu Tissue Corporation

Cellu Tissue was considering installing a 3-megawatt electric and steam cogeneration facility at its East Hartford, CT paper mill. Cellu Tissue hired Woodard & Curran to conduct an initial permitting and operational feasibility study. Based on the results of the study, Cellu Tissue decided to proceed and hired Woodard & Curran to prepare air emissions permit applications for the facility. The project is among the first to qualify and receive a substantial grant under Connecticut’s power generation incentive program. As Mill Manager Chris Fiedler said, “This cogeneration project will help us lower our total energy costs by $2.4 million, a decrease of 35%. Because we will be able to generate our own power, we will have the ability to protect ourselves from any future electric rate increases. In these times of energy uncertainty, that gives us an economic edge over our competitors.”


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