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Understanding how water moves below the earth’s surface is critical, whether you are attempting to locate a bottled water facility or municipal wellfield, cleaning up a hazardous waste site, re-infiltrating treated wastewater, or developing a greenfield site.

Woodard & Curran’s hydrogeologists work collaboratively with our clients to provide turnkey hydrogeological solutions on a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Site evaluation for new water supply sources, including spring site identification and development for industrial clients.
  • Contaminated site evaluation, remediation systems, and fate and transport modeling. 
  • Locating, exploring, and developing of well fields and rapid infiltration basin sites.
  • Optimizing the disposal of treated water at reclamation facilities, enhancing the recovery of contaminated ground water, and designing efficient groundwater monitoring plans.

We are committed to providing results-oriented hydrogeologic services by developing solutions that integrate site-specific and regional information into a comprehensive understanding of all the factors that influence the occurrence of ground water at a site.  Whether the end goal is a sustainable water source, the remediation of contaminated groundwater, or the disposal of treated water via the groundwater flow system. 

Project Highlights 

Spring Site Testing & Permitting
Confidential Client

Looking for a suitable spring site in Western Maine from which to draw water, our client hired Woodard & Curran to identify the location of a suitable spring and perform testing to support local and state permit applications. Our hydrogeologists located a spring site and identified geologic factors defining the spring. We then completed an initial exploration, environmental due dilligence, a test well program, and oversaw the final borehole installation. Woodard & Curran compiled a report that met the requirements for the local and state  permit applications for a new spring water source that complies with the Food and Drug Administration’s Standards of Identity for Spring Water. Based on this work, our client received a permit to withdraw up to 300 GPM from the spring via permitted boreholes.

Municipal Master Planning Support
Confidential Town in MA

In order to develop a state-mandated town master plan, a municipal client hired Woodard & Curran to perform a survey of existing domestic wells, compile existing geologic and hydrogeologic information, and conduct field studies. Our project team compiled the survey data and additional information and entered it into a GIS, which we used to develop an understanding of the potential limits to future growth in various areas of the town. The GIS helped our hydrogeologists to understand how future development would impact 30 separate drainage basins in the town. Town planners used this information to compile their master plan in accordance with the state requirements.

Gasoline Spill-related Groundwater Modeling
Confidential Client

When this Fortune 500 company discovered an accidental gasoline spill approximately 4,000 ft. from a municipal well field, it needed to evaluate whether there was any risk of MTBE or other contaminants reaching the wells. The company hired Woodard & Curran to construct, calibrate, and verify a groundwater model for a model space that was 10,000 ft. long and 4,000 ft. wide and located along an alluvial valley aquifer system. The model was then evaluated by multiple municipal and state agencies and approved as an aquifer evaluation, spill-site and municipal well field evaluation tool. The model demonstrated that even under extreme conditions, the spill-site contamination would not reach the municipal wells. Woodard & Curran’s model was subsequently adopted by the municipal water supplier to conduct long-term aquifer management and protection studies.

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