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As infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and regulatory responsibilities evolve, organizations in all sectors from municipalities, to manufacturers, to colleges and universities are challenged to find efficient ways to manage large amounts of information. Woodard & Curran provides custom information management systems (IMSs) to clients based on their specific needs. Our IMS and database experts work with clients to assess their needs and design a powerful, user-friendly tool that streamlines their management processes.

Drawing on the expertise of 500 engineers, environmental scientists, regulatory experts, and operations specialists, Woodard & Curran assembles a project team that understands the issues our clients face. We conceptualize, design, and deploy geographic information systems (GIS), environmental information management systems (EIMS), and compliance information management systems (CIMS) that are targeted to address client needs. Woodard & Curran’s IMSs can be deployed in a web-based environment or on a client’s local network, providing the security and accessibility the organization needs. By eliminating paper forms, providing custom reporting, and centralizing critical data, a Woodard & Curran IMS offers significant efficiencies and improves asset and compliance management.

Our IMS professionals offer these key services:

  • system assessment, planning, and implementation;
  • application design & development, including web-based and handheld technology;
  • database design & development;
  • modeling services;
  • mapping & visualization tools; and
  • end-user training.

Project Highlights 

Infrastructure Management with WebGIS
Westchester Joint Water Works, NY

Westchester Joint Water Works (WWJW), which serves nearly 15,000 customers on a distribution system with over 250 miles of pipe, was looking for a way to improve its planning process for improvements and repairs and to better serve its customers. WJWW hired Woodard & Curran to assess and model its distribution system and deliver a management tool to streamline customer service, emergency response, and planning efforts. Woodard & Curran developed a WebGIS that allows WJWW to quickly access maps of its distribution system to respond to customer demands or emergencies like water main breaks. The WebGIS also allows WJWW to efficiently notify customers who may be affected by scheduled maintenance activities and to pinpoint areas where development would require expansions of service. Not only does the WebGIS provide immediate benefits to WJWW and its customers, but it can easily be expanded or adapted into a comprehensive asset management system, integrating data from diverse sources at very low cost.

Environmental Information Management System
Confidential Health Care Network

Facing the complex challenge of managing environmental issues across all its campuses, our client hired Woodard & Curran to develop and implement an EIMS to track environmental information and compliance obligations and maintained an inventory of regulated wastes and materials. To accommodate a large amount of environmental data, Woodard & Curran created a modular system, which allowed EH&S managers to track asbestos-containing materials, refrigerant, lead, and hazardous waste. Our client is now able to easily keep track of the location and quantity of these materials, and manage compliance-related activities with automatic task lists and email reminders, which helps them maintain compliance make the most of their EH&S resources.

Online Training Tool
Confidential State University

Many environmental regulations include required training for personnel performing regulated activities. The University had a large number of staff, faculty, and even students who had to participate in training. Woodard & Curran developed a web-based training system to deliver required training to those who needed it, test participants for understanding, and report participation to regulators. The University can easily create trainings by loading video and testing materials into the system. The participants can access the training at their convenience from any web-capable computer and their participation will be tracked for record-keeping. This process simplifies the University's training program and greatly reduces the difficulty of scheduling training for large groups of people.

Geographic Information System Development
The town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine had no existing mapping of its complete inventory of its stormwater and sewer system assets. This made it difficult to maintain and operate those assets and to comply with the Government Accounting Standards Board’s Statement no. 34 (GASB 34), requiring reporting of assets. Woodard & Curran used asset management and GIS software to create a powerful management, mapping, and reporting tool for the Town. We conducted a comprehensive field survey of stormwater and sewer assets, and combined that data with aerial photography, and planimetric layers. Armed with accurate information and detailed maps, Old Orchard Beach  can easily generate annual GASB 34 reports, and routinely uses the GIS to guide maintenance activities and resource allocation.

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