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After nearly two decades in the business, Woodard & Curran’s contract operations specialists have earned the reputation of helping clients maintain control of their assets while we handle the day-to-day activities of operating and maintaining their facilities. We currently operate and maintain nearly 50 treatment facilities nationwide including industrial wastewater treatment and groundwater remediation facilities ranging in size from .1 million gallons per day to 330 MGD.

Working with Woodard & Curran means that a fully integrated firm of 500 operations specialists, engineers, and scientists stands behind any issue that may arise at the plant.  Our clients specialize in their manufacturing operations and not in wastewater treatment; they rely on us to focus our knowledge on their plant’s condition and its efficiency.  Our ability to evaluate conditions and design necessary technical improvements, respond quickly to repairs and emergencies, and train staff in accordance with the client’s operational objectives add up to long-term and short-term solutions and client peace of mind.

Our philosophy is to provide exceptional maintenance, equip staff with proper training, set high standards for plant performance, invest in needed capital improvements, and always hold compliance as the number one priority.

Project Highlights 

Wastewater Treatment Contract Operations
Nestle USA, Springville, UT
When Nestle USA contracted with Woodard & Curran to operate its 1-MGD facility in Springville, Utah, equipment had not been maintained adequately, and operations were labor intensive. We immediately took care of repair needs and general housekeeping, including restoration of the bulk chemical storage equipment, saving Nestle approximately $20,000. Other upgrades included installation of a computerized maintenance system and an inventory management system. We also implemented a training program that helped raise staff skill levels, allowing facility operators and technicians to become more professional and knowledgeable, and plant operations to become more efficient.  

Operations & Maintenance
Confidential Major Airline
Since 1999, Woodard & Curran has operated and maintained the industrial pretreatment facility at the 65-acre Technical Operations Center serving as the main maintenance hub at the a major international airport. The wastewater facility incorporates four treatment systems to treat segregated waste streams of oily waste, metals finishing waste, and two lines in connection with the ground support equipment facility.

When Woodard & Curran began to operate the facility, it was in disrepair and lacked general housekeeping. We implemented process improvements, corrective maintenance, and a computerized maintenance system.  Our O&M team also developed a wastewater treatment plant management system that helped improve safety/security, operations, maintenance, energy management, capital planning, and environmental compliance. As a result, the facility has earned multiple awards for compliance improvements, pollution prevention, and overall operations.

Wastewater Treatment Contract Operations
Confidential Food Industry Client

This large salad dressing manufacturer, turned to Woodard & Curran in 2005 to contract operate its 80,000-GPD industrial wastewater treatment facility. The plant had been having performance problems and intermittent pre-treatment permit violations related to total suspended solids in their discharge to a local POTW. Woodard & Curran conducted a comprehensive plant evaluation, including a review of operational procedures and recommendations for system enhancements. Improvements included lengthening sludge removal cycles and enhancing chemistry and energy optimization through polymer management.

Plant performance is now much improved, and there have been no further permit violations. Woodard & Curran is assisting the client in maintaining this level of performance through our design of a capital improvements plan addressing future needs.

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