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Over the past decade, more and more remediation projects and associated regulatory programs have evolved from a regulatory-standard-based, cleanup approach to risk-based, redevelopment-focused efforts.  Woodard & Curran and our clients have found it much more satisfying to work toward a productive end-use as we remediate sites. Our relationships with state and federal regulators help us to effectively navigate the regulations on behalf of our clients. We are committed to being a strategic partner for our clients from the remedial investigation phase of a project through to project completion.

Our senior staff has over 20 years direct experience with federal programs and providing creative solutions to complicated environmental problems. We have a wide range of capabilities on the cutting edge of technology and risk evaluation, anchored in solid traditional design engineering services. We have a proven track record of successfully turning under-utilized, contaminated properties into retail sites, light industrial facilities, office parks, market rate housing, and waterfront promenades. By using innovative sampling techniques and developing field programs that father only enough data to gain a solid understanding of site conditions, we maintain control of both schedule and expense. 

Woodard & Curran provides full-service capabilities in:

  • Remedial investigations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Human health and ecological Risk Assessments
  • Risk-based closures
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Remediation system design
  • Bid document preparation
  • Permitting
  • Remediation system implementation and oversight
  • Environmental data management

Project Highlights 

Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study
Robert Bosch LLC, MI

Bosch acquired an industrial property in St. Joseph, Michigan that was a Superfund Site prior to the acquisition. Bosch hired Woodard & Curran through a national selection process to address significant contamination on site. Using an innovative subsurface exploration and sample collection approach, Woodard & Curran streamlined the feasibility study phase of the project. Based on alternative remedies proposed in the study, EPA selected natural attenuation as the preferred remedial option, and Woodard & Curran submitted remedial design and action plans to EPA and the state agency. The remedy is now operational and has reduced contamination on site significantly.

Superfund Site Monitoring and Remediation System Improvements
Linemaster Switch, CT

After discovering groundwater and soil contamination, Linemaster installed two separate remedial systems to control and reduce the contamination. After several years of operation, Linemaster hired Woodard & Curran to take over from their current consultant and reevaluate the systems. After removing an ineffective component of the remedial system, Woodard & Curran demonstrated that the system successfully segregated the contaminated groundwater, and that it improved overall groundwater quality. Then, working with EPA, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Woodard & Curran and Linemaster negotiated a ROD amendment significantly reducing the remedial activities, reporting requirements, saving Linemaster considerably on annual reporting costs while continuing to effectively remove contaminate mass from the source area.

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