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The remediation of contaminated properties is a complex challenge that requires a full understanding of the interplay between environmental and health risks, the desired current and future uses of the property, and regulatory requirements. Woodard & Curran approaches each remediation project differently, customizing solutions to the demands of the site and integrating current and future site use into all considerations. We address contamination in a risk-based framework and develop approaches that take advantage of all available techniques, from conventional soil excavation and capping to innovative in-situ soil and groundwater treatment programs. We strive to implement cost-effective remedial solutions that minimize risks and maximize future use, while meeting our clients’ schedule, budget, and vision.

Woodard & Curran has experience in a wide range of remediation planning, engineering, and implementation under both state and U.S. EPA programs for:

  • Soil and groundwater contamination;
  • Landfill closure;
  • Facility decontamination and demolition;
  • Indoor air mitigation; and
  • Underground storage tank management.

Project Highlights

Lead Mill Redevelopment with Significant Public Involvement
Former Lead Mill, Salem and Marblehead, MA
To support the redevelopment of a former lead mill site to beneficial use, a private developer hired Woodard & Curran to perform Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Phase II and Phase III investigations and Phase IV and V remediation services. Significant lead impacts are present at this “public involvement” site, so Woodard & Curran developed a series of presentations to inform the communities involved about the engineering and scientific aspects of the project. Woodard & Curran performed sampling on-site, completed human health and ecological risk characterizations, and developed a comprehensive soil and sediment treatment scheme to complete site cleanup and prepare it for redevelopment.

Hospital Redevelopment Overcomes Unexpected On-site Contamination
Massachusetts State Agency, Boston, MA

With historical contamination present on the site of a former hospital campus that had been demolished in preparation for redevelopment, the managing state agency hired Woodard & Curran to prepare plans for site remediation, provide a risk assessment, and provide engineering oversight of the remediation. During excavations, asbestos-containing material was discovered. Excavation was halted and Woodard & Curran worked with the Massachusetts DEP to revise the risk assessment and remediation plan. The revised plan minimized potential risks to human health and the environment, allowing this formerly abandoned property to be redeveloped to beneficial reuse.

Drycleaning Chemical and Oil Release Remediation
Cape Cod, MA

This dry cleaning facility experienced releases of fuel oil, aqueous phase liquid, and chlorinated solvents. Under a tight regulatory deadline and budget, the site owner hired Woodard & Curran to complete risk assessment, remedial planning, and oversee installation and operation of the remediation system. Woodard & Curran implemented a remediation system, which, after several years of operation, has successfully removed over 2,800 pounds of chlorinated solvents from soil and groundwater, and reduced concentrations by over 98%.  Woodard & Curran’s oil recovery system has removed over 116 gallons of fuel oil, and greatly reduced apparent oil thickness in the soil.

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