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Water reclamation and reuse facilities are fulfilling a critical need to conserve natural resources. By taking domestic wastewater and treating it to the extent that it is sufficiently reclaimed for a new, beneficial purpose, communities conserve precious potable water and replenish aquifers.

Woodard & Curran’s contract operations capabilities for water reclamation and reuse facilities bring a diverse team of operation specialists, engineers, and scientists to the plant team. This level of expertise equips staff with the training, tools, and technical support they need for efficient, cost-effective operations of these facilities. The multidisciplinary nature of our services translates into seamless service when process issues arise requiring design solutions, facility expansion, or an entirely new plant.

In addition to understanding the processes behind water reclamation and reuse systems and the engineering needed to design expansions and new facilities, we also bring instrumentation and controls expertise to the mix. This specialized expertise means that plant facilities can be monitored and carefully controlled by state-of-the-art Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Project Highlights 

Water Conserv II
City of Orlando and Orange County, FL
The City and County sought a firm of national standing to operate the Water Conserv II facility, the world's largest water reuse project combining irrigation with rapid infiltration basins. Relied upon for the delivery of up to 50 MGD of reclaimed water to irrigate citrus groves, landscape and foliage nurseries, golf courses, and residential neighborhoods, the City and County needed a firm offering complete reliability and operations expertise. Woodard & Curran has operated and maintained the Water Conserv II project since 1996. A staff of 24 provide 24/7 coverage addressing the facilities' operational, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, ground maintenance, and infrastructure maintenance needs. Onsite staff are supported by the resources of the firm's 500 employees.

Fowler Water Reuse Facility
Forsyth County, GA
Over the past decade, population growth in Forsyth County, GA, which is located about 30 miles north of Atlanta, has made it the fourth fastest-growing county in the nation. This rapid growth created an urgent need to expand sewer services and create new service where none had existed. It also taxed the City of Cumming’s wastewater treatment facilities, and the County then commissioned the design, build, and operation of the Fowler Water Reuse Facility. Woodard & Curran contract operates the 1-MGD membrane bioreactor technology facility, pumping station, and land application site. The level of treatment, well above the effluent quality required for land application systems, is sufficient for the County to use the water for irrigation of a golf course and school sports fields.

Water Reuse Facility
North Ft Myers, FL

The growing popularity of golfing communities in the Southeast presents water challenges, particularly with regard to the amount of water that landscaping and golf courses require.  Treating wastewater for land application is one solution to this challenge, and Woodard & Curran is serving as contract operator for the North Fort Myers Utility’s reclaimed water facility serving the golfing communities of Lake Fairways, Heron’s Glen, and Del Tura. Additional services include operation of the Lake Fairways water system, meter reading, and working with developers to facilitate the expansion of the utility.  Together these services and programs have allowed the facility to meet all regulatory requirements, and the staff have been able to respond promptly to all customer calls.

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