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Woodard & Curran’s environmental professionals, engineers, scientists, and development experts apply their hands-on technical expertise to provide real-world answers to complex legal questions. We bring the technical details into focus to support the construction of sound legal solutions in the following areas:

Environmental & Remediation Practices – Depth of technical expertise and organizational flexibility allows Woodard & Curran to put the right people on each project. Whether you need experts in hazardous waste investigations and remediation, hydrogeologywater and wastewater treatmentair quality issues, or environmental permitting, Woodard & Curran has the expertise and the knowledge to give you the answers you need.

Property Development Practice – For clients developing property, we strive to turn environmental challenges into opportunities, working within the constraints of the property and reducing uncertainties associated with historic environmental liabilities. We provide site engineeringbrownfields redevelopment, and environmental remediation services to public and private clients across the country.

Corporate Risk Management Practice – Managing risks from past liabilities, current operations, and emerging trends helps avoid costly disruptions to business. Woodard & Curran helps clients manage risks in the areas of product stewardship; mergers and acquisitions; sustainability and corporate responsibility; and health, safety, and security.

Litigation Practice – Based on the depth of our practicing professionals’ expertise, we provide expert testimony, consulting support, and trial exhibit preparation for clients. We focus on the technical issues at hand to develop effective legal strategies based on sound science.

Project Highlights 

Read about how Woodard & Curran's air quality expertise resolved acid fallout concerns for this cow feed manufacturer. 

Property Development & Remediation
Confidential Pharmaceutical Firm, New England
Our client sought to transform an unused historical industrial property into an office complex and shorefront park. The site included coastal wetlands, and based on plans put forth by a private developer, Woodard & Curran prepared and implemented a Remediation Action Plan that isolated contaminated soils on the upland portion of the site and placement of clean fill in the wetland portion. Successful coordination among the site owner, state agencies, local government, and the private developer were key to the project's success. Woodard & Curran facilitated negotiations among regulators and site stakeholders, striking a balance among all of their interests. The project won a 2007 Engineering Excellence Award from the state's ACEC Chapter.

Engineering Analysis & Expert Testimony
Confidential Client, TX

Woodard & Curran provided engineering analyses and expert witness services related to our client’s potential involvement in a building explosion. By reviewing the National Transportation Safety Board report on the explosion, performing additional investigation of the soils and utilities in the vicinity, reviewing the damaged building site and photographs taken during the demolition of the building, and coordinating with other experts studying the location of the explosion, Woodard & Curran discovered an alternative source of combustible gas and different cause of the explosion, exonerating our client.

Environmental Liabilities Management
Confidential Pharmaceutical Firm, Nationwide

Our client’s responsibilities under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act required them to report reserves associated with environmental liabilities at approximately 40 sites across the country. Woodard & Curran developed a tiered risk evaluation process, in conjunction with our client’s environmental staff, to determine which sites warranted a thorough evaluation. We developed a data management system that allowed for easy incorporation of new information, streamlining and simplifying the future annual review process for our client.

Product Liability Support
Confidential Client, Nationally Marketed Product
State and Federal environmental regulatory agencies raised concerns about a lawn care product manufactured by our client. Woodard & Curran prepared a probabilistic risk assessment to evaluate the potential health risks associated with the prescribed uses of the product. We conducted original research on actual product usage, modified standard exposure equations, and created distributions to appropriately represent potential exposures to residential and commercial consumers. Our assessment quantified potential health and safety impacts to child and adult residents, as well as commercial users of the product and successfully demonstrated that the potential health risks were below the levels of concern for regulators.

Wastewater Arbitration Assistance
Confidential Municipal Client

Our client entered into arbitration to resolve a dispute of wastewater treatment costs. A neighboring town was charging our client to treat its wastewater streams. When new equipment was installed, our client was charged a share of the installation costs, even though its wastewater did not need to be treated with the equipment. Woodard & Curran reviewed and evaluated the technology installed at the treatment plant, the various waste streams discharging to the plant, and the requirements to treat those wastes. Woodard & Curran testified during the arbitration hearing and was successful in getting a favorable rate adjustment for our client.

Environmental Insurance Coverage Claims
Many insurance companies have been sued by their assureds over the contamination at Superfund, RCRA or state-led hazardous waste sites. Woodard & Curran has evaluated industrial standard of practice, remediation standard of practice, remedial costs, and fate and transport. We have testified as experts on these topics in settlement conferences, mediation, and trials involving hundreds of sites in the manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, utility, and transportation sectors.

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