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Woodard & Curran is committed to serving industrial and manufacturing facilities on infrastructure and environmental projects and all aspects of regulatory compliance. Our engineers, scientists, and operators have worked on a wide range of projects throughout the world, from small manufacturing facilities to multi-site Fortune 500 firms. Our focus is on providing valuable and cost-effective solutions, utilizing reliable, state-of-the-art technologies, and tactical solutions to give facilities’ a competitive edge.

From day-to-day issues that face plant managers, to boardroom decisions that shape a company’s future, we strive to solve environmental problems, guide strategic decision-making, and provide clients with the talent they need to maintain compliance and be successful and profitable. We work with plant staff to ensure that the solutions exceed our client’s objectives, protect the environment, comply with regulations, and reduce capital and operating costs. Our industrial expertise includes:

  • feasibility studies;
  • design engineering;
  • environmental health & safety compliance and permitting;
  • litigation support;
  • site investigation and remediation;
  • environmental information management;
  • electrical, instrumentation and controls;
  • construction management;
  • procurement and expediting;
  • complete turnkey facilities; and
  • operations and management.

Project Highlights

Brownfield Redevelopment
Pharmaceutical Company

Read about Woodard & Curran's brownfield redevelopment project for this global pharmaceutical company.

Wastewater Treatment System Design
Confidential Client, CA

Our client was experiencing compliance problems with the discharge from its wastewater pretreatment system. Woodard & Curran was retained to conduct a series of bench- and pilot-scale testing of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) and advanced oxidation technology (AOT). Using the test results, Woodard & Curran engineers designed a full-scale treatment system, provided construction oversight services, and assisted in startup and operator training. The plant has not experienced any discharge violations since it came on line.

Wastewater Treatment Design/Build
Confidential Manufacturing Client

Our client's manufacturing facility in Thailand experienced rapid production increases for which the on-site wastewater treatment facility could only handle a portion of the wastewater, with the remainder being shipped off-site at great expense. Woodard & Curran was retained to provide preliminary engineering design services to determine how to best expand the treatment plant on a very limited site. Woodard & Curran then teamed with a Thai contractor to implement the proposed expansion on a design-build basis. The expanded facility is now successfully treating all of the manufacturing wastewater.

Odor Control System Design/Installation
Confidential Food Industry Client

Our client's production facility in Maine was experiencing odor complaints from neighbors because of fumes from fryers. After successful pilot testing of a packed tower scrubber, Woodard & Curran designed and oversaw the installation of the full-scale odor control system. Since the scrubber was installed, the facility has received no complaints.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
Confidential Health Care Client

Our client needed to expand its existing wastewater treatment plant to meet production increases at its pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Missouri. Woodard & Curran was retained to design a new steam distillation column to remove regulated solvents from the wastewater, and the new facility is now under construction.

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