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As Woodard & Curran has grown and expanded its capabilities and geography, one constant has always been the depth of expertise in all realms of wastewater services. Clients who turn to us for contract operations of wastewater facilities benefit from the added value we bring when compared with other firms because of our solid engineering skills – from facilities planning and troubleshooting through design, construction, startup and operator training.

When facility staff are challenged by inefficient operations or compliance issues, Woodard & Curran’s trademark mix of engineering, science, and operations brings a 360 degree view of problems and solutions. We evaluate operations from a multitude of perspectives – from performance and infrastructure conditions, to staff skill levels and energy management. Then we identify how to maintain compliance and get the most out of a client’s facility by optimizing existing assets before considering costly capital investments. Furthermore, wherever plants are proximate to one another, we achieve further savings for our clients as a result of the economy of scale of joint purchases and vendor contract.

The end result is that wastewater facilities we operate run efficiently and smoothly, as demonstrated by our 100% renewal rate at facilities past their first term.

Project Highlights 

North Fort Myers Utility Water Reclamation Facility
North Fort Myers, FL

Woodard & Curran has been providing contract operations, maintenance, and management services since 2001 at this 3.5-MGD facility including 99 lift stations in the growing community of North Fort Myers, Florida. Like many communities in the Southeast, population growth has stressed existing infrastructure, and those stresses have increased demands on treatment facility staff. Woodard & Curran immediately addressed this need by implementing an extensive training program for plant staff to keep the facility running smoothly and meet the needs of its 17,000 customers.

A zero discharge facility, it provides advanced wastewater treatment and is designed to treat all reclaimed water for reuse. Up to 1 million gallons of treated water is stored in an onsite tank, ready to pump through 10 miles of reuse mains as irrigation water for landscape development, tree farms, and golf courses.  During the rainy season when irrigation demand is down, reuse water is injected into deep wells to recharge the Floridan aquifer.

Wastewater Treatment Facility
Claremont, NC
Two wastewater treatment plants and five lift stations comprise the facilities Woodard & Curran contract operates for the City of Claremont, North Carolina. The City turned to contract operations after a history of problems with infiltration and inflow (I&I) and operational challenges because of heavy loadings from restaurants and commercial institutions in the area the facilities serve.

Prior to Woodard & Curran assuming operations, Claremont’s Department of Public Works staff was providing 40 to 50 hours per week to support the plant operator. Once we came on board, DPW staff were able to focus on public works projects. In addition, during the first year of the contract, much of the equipment was repaired,, process control standards were developed, the laboratory was successfully recertified, and strong communications were developed with City and State regulators. The wastewater system is now managed efficiently and will be valuable in helping the City achieve its goal of attracting new customers to the industrial park, providing more jobs and economic stability to the area.

Boston Water & Sewer Commission
Boston, MA

A city with large areas built primarily on fill, Boston experiences extreme challenges in the management of stormwater and wastewater during periods of heavy rain. Woodard & Curran has served as the Commission’s contract operator for four sanitary and four stormwater pumping stations and two water booster pumping stations since 2000. These facilities cover a service area of 45 square miles and serve approximately 87,000 retail customers.   The CSO facility includes screening, disinfection, dechlorination, and pumping capacity of 330 MGD.

Woodard & Curran’s day-to-day operations and management services include providing trained staff 24 hours a day, implementing a state-of-the-art predictive maintenance management program, administering and implementing capital repair and replacement projects, and emergency response during storm events. 

Serving this large area and number of customers requires close coordination with numerous stakeholders: public agencies, city departments, and private contractors. In addition, the Commission has benefited from our ability and ease in undertaking complex O&M assignments, and total commitment to the operating performance of mechanical, pumping, power and instrumentation systems under all environmental and weather conditions.


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