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When Woodard & Curran contract operates a community’s water treatment facility, clients receive the added value of our well-rounded staff of engineers, scientists, and operations specialists. As a result, we are able to assist communities with a full range of services associated with water supply treatment and distribution systems. This means access to our wastewater and process engineers, hydrogeologists, GIS specialists, and instrumentation and controls/SCADA engineers.

Our contract operations team offers both diversity and depth of experience, at large plants and at small. From desalination and membrane treatment to conventional treatment systems, we understand the operational and regulatory issues that impact day-to-day operations and planning for the future.  We also offer strong capabilities in health, safety and security, including vulnerability assessments of public water supplies, emergency planning, and environmental sustainability.

Whether you are in a community impacted by water shortages, outdated infrastructure, or treatment process difficulties that are resulting in compliance problems, we concentrate on flexible, expandable solutions that keep operations efficient, maximize existing assets, and conserve costs.

Project Highlights 

Regional Water Treatment Facility
Ashland, MA
Ashland, Massachusetts officials had encountered difficulties staffing its 6.0-MGD regional water treatment facility with licensed, trained operators. The town turned to Woodard & Curran to operate and maintain the plant through a 90-day emergency agreement.

Woodard & Curran immediately went to work: first, equipment maintenance and modifications and updates to the SCADA system resulted in the ability to operate the facility remotely. Next, after identifying that the facility’s backwash system was wasting water, our modifications increased backwash efficiencies, saving the town nearly 300,000 gallons of water per day. This water conservation was a significant benefit to the town, since supplies had been stressed.

By the end of the 90-day emergency contract, Woodard & Curran had resolved staffing issues resolved, operations were more efficient, and water was being conserved. After a competitive procurement, Ashland awarded the contract to Woodard & Curran.

Forsyth County Water Treatment Facility
Cumming, GA

Expertise running an ozone generation water treatment facility was what Forsyth County, GA was seeking when it hired Woodard & Curran to operate its 16-MGD facility.  A 6-person staff operates the plant 24/7, serving 33,000 customers, or about a third of the county’s population.

The system includes seven water storage tanks, two pumping stations, and small footprint Superpulsator clarifiers, which suspends solids from raw water rather than settling them to the bottom for extraction. This increases the clarified water quality and reduces the adverse effects of raw water quality changes.

Water Treatment Facility
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
Since 2000, Woodard & Curran has served as contract operator of Manchester-by-the-Sea’s 3-MGD water treatment facility. The town selected Woodard & Curran through competitive procurement, seeking the right firm to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our facility assessment resulted in a number of enhancements to the upflow adsorption facility, and as a result, the system was recognized with a 2003 Public Water System Award by the Massachusetts DEP. The water system scored within the top six percent of public water systems in Massachusetts and was recognized for meeting federal and state regulations, its community involvement, proactive system maintenance, and for going "above and beyond" to help promote quality drinking water. The water system also received four consecutive Massachusetts DEP Fluoride Proficiency Awards.


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