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Treatment system startup requires keen troubleshooting skills to de-bug equipment and transition old processes to new with minimal interruption to operations. This transition gets complicated when startup involves coordination among the client, general contractor, electrical/controls subcontractors, design engineer, and existing operations staff.

Woodard & Curran has decades of experience helping treatment facilities get their operations online within budget and schedule. We are committed to keeping staff well-trained and developing “reality” standard operation procedures that lay the foundation for streamlined operations and compliance.

From the expansion of a 4-MGD wastewater treatment system to a 12-MGD facility in the Southeast, to the design/build/startup of a new wastewater treatment plant in New England, our specialists share a can-do spirit that has helped treatment facilities of all sizes get up and running while meeting local, state and federal regulations.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Startup
Town of Acton, MA 

After successfully completing design and monitoring construction of Acton's 250,000-GPD Sequencing Batch Reactor wastewater treatment facility, the Woodard & Curran team then moved on to the project’s third phase: starting up this entirely new facility and sewer system. Startup was accomplished in three phases:

  • Testing all equipment signals, alarms, output devices, and communication devices to be certain that they were operating correctly;
  • Testing all mechanical systems, including working with MA DEP officials, who observed operation in detail to verify that the facility could accept wastewater; and
  • Receiving and storing wastewater for as long as possible while connections were made to the collection system and the average daily flow was increased.

All three phases were accomplished smoothly and the facility startup took place when operations were fully automatic and the biology of the treatment system had reached a self-sustaining, steady state.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Startup
Ken's Foods, McDonough, GA

Ken's Foods produces and packages over 400 varieties of dressings and condiments for retail and food service use at production facilities in MA, NV, and GA. Woodard & Curran contract operates the wastewater treatment facility at Ken's GA facility, where we recently completed a plant expansion. This expansion upgraded the facility from 80,000 to 100,000 GPD and included numerous improvements to maintain continuous compliance.

Our services included plant startup, involving startup of the activated sludge system, equipment commissioning, and electrical and controls troubleshooting – all while maintaining plant operation.

The upgrade gives Ken’s Foods the capacity necessary for future expansions at the GA facility, helping the company continue to meet demand for its successful products.

Design/Build Plant Expansion and Startup
Confidential Consumer Products Client, Bangkok, Thailand
Woodard & Curran provided engineering services for a wastewater treatment plant upgrade at a confidential consumer products client’s manufacturing facility in Bangkok. When increased production volumes increased wastewater generation to the point that the client was forced to truck portions of it offsite, they turned to Woodard & Curran to design the needed expansion.

Woodard & Curran teamed with a local contractor to fast-track the project, completing design, construction, and startup of the new system in approximately five months. Our team led the startup process and supervised the electrical and controls commissioning. Startup phase work also included activated sludge seeding and startup; and pump station, cooling towers, aeration basin, dissolved air flotation, and clarifier commissioning.

The plant is in full operation and is successfully treating all of the wastewater generated by the manufacturing operations.



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