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Directions Newsletter, Spring 2013
Directions Newsletter, Spring 2013(pdf)
Vol. 21, No. 1. April 29, 2013. Woodard & Curran.
Articles in this issue of our newsletter, Directions, include: Waste Not, Want Not: Water Reuse on the Rise; Cost Effective, Safe, & Sustainable: The Benefits of Synthetic Turf Playing Fields; Making a Water Utility into a Solar Power Plant; Changes to Vapor Intrusion Screening Requirements in New Jersey; A profile of the Charlton, MA Wastewater Treatment Plant; An update on proposed food safety rules issued by the FDA; A new creative financing strategy for instrumentation and controls systems; and News of Note.

An energy audit of the Freeport (Maine) Wastewater Treatment Plant found many ways to save energy by upgrading old equipment, changing processes and insulating the building. Now, after significant process upgrades, the Freeport Sewer District is saving more than $90,000 in electricity and $25,000 in heating oil annually.

Meeting the Challenges of the Infrastructure Funding Gap
John Daniels, Senior Consultant. April 10, 2013. ACEC Massachusetts Insights Newsletter.
John Daniels looks at the funding landscape for infrastructure in the United States and offers his thoughts on how to address the large and growing investment gap. He also reflects on his 40-year career helping municipalities address critical infrastructure needs.

Making Great Music: Joe Geary(pdf)
Jim Force. January 06, 2013. Water System Operator Magazine.
A profile of Joe Geary, Lead Operator at the Lawrence, MA water treatment plant (contract operated by Woodard & Curran). Joe manages the 16 MGD facility, which uses upflow clarifiers, carbon filters, UV disinfection, and a sophisticated SCADA system to monitor and control plant processes. Read the full article at WSO Magazine's website.

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Steve, Plant Manager
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