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Woodard & Curran’s staff has been serving the natural gas industry for nearly 40 years with a broad scope of regulatory, environmental, engineering, and litigation support services. Our clients have included local distribution companies, municipal utilities, master meter operators, gas contractors, and transporters of natural gas. With services including gas engineering, site selection and feasibility studies, environmental assessments, planning, permitting, and instrumentation; Woodard & Curran has extensive and varied experience helping utility clients achieve their objectives.

If you are a Natural Gas operator that plans on adding, modifying or replacing facilities, Woodard & Curran’s Gas Engineering team can help. From full turnkey solutions to assistance with targeted projects, Woodard & Curran’s staff has provided distribution companies and transmission pipeline operators with services including the engineering and design of pipeline systems including gate and regulator stations, the completion of routing studies, and various environmental and permitting services in support of their gas projects. Our personnel have assisted Natural Gas utility clients with all aspects of these projects from the initial planning through permitting design and construction. Woodard & Curran can offer our Natural Gas utility clients a one-stop source for all their engineering and environmental requirements, such as:

  • Base mapping and GIS services;
  • Routing studies and facility siting;
  • Health and safety plans;
  • Trenchless technology solutions including horizontal directional drill design services and pipe stress analysis reports;
  • Geotechnical services;
  • Pipeline design/upgrade;
  • Regulator/gate station design;
  • Relocation coordination;
  • Environmental and economic assessments;
  • Natural gas pipeline permitting;
  • Air quality dispersion modeling;
  • Noise monitoring and modeling;
  • Article VII (NY State) filing;
  • Health and safety plans/audits;
  • SEQRA filing;
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to FERC;
  • Army Corps of Engineers submittals;
  • Title V permit modifications;
  • Periodic monitoring and compliance assurance monitoring;
  • Ecological/Threatened and Endangered species;
  • Site investigation and remediation including MGP; and
  • Electrical, instrumentation & controls (EI&C); & SCADA

Project Highlights 

Gas Pipeline Route Selection
Confidential Client, Eastern US
This gas utility turned to Woodard & Curran to provide environmental analysis, route assessment, and GIS consulting for the expansion of the utility’s gas transmission system to a historic neighborhood of a major city. Woodard & Curran considered several alternative pipeline routes for the 12-inch pipeline, performed a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment and wetlands and constructability analysis, and provided a recommended pipeline route based on the results. The utility then hired Woodard & Curran to provide base maps to assist in permitting the pipeline construction.

Underwater Gas Transmission Line Replacement
Confidential Client, Northeast US
In order to improve the process of inspecting the submarine gas lines running underneath a flowing body of water, this client hired Woodard & Curran to design a single 30-inch main to replace two existing 24-inch mains. Woodard & Curran prepared design documents, conducted a geotechnical investigation, is applying for all necessary environmental permits, and is in the process of preparing all necessary supporting documents including traffic plans. The replacement will be accomplished in 2012 using HDD, with all design work performed by Woodard & Curran.

Strategic Infrastructure Upgrade Program
Confidential Client, Southern US
This client is undertaking a multiyear infrastructure upgrade effort that will improve the utility’s ability to serve its more than 1.5 million natural gas customers. Woodard & Curran was hired to provide environmental and regulatory permitting and gas engineering for the upgrade, replacement, or new installation of 7 miles of high pressure transmission pipeline, along with the design of associated regulator stations, as well as pig launchers and receivers.

Gas Distribution Design & Permitting
Confidential Client, Northeast US
Woodard & Curran was hired to permit and design a 3 mile gas distribution system in the northeast United States. Woodard & Curran completed all the environmental and regulatory permit applications, provided detailed base mapping and pipeline design, and GIS services. The project will offer improved reliability to this utility’s natural gas customers in two neighboring communities.

On-site Engineering & Design
Confidential Client, Northeast US
Woodard & Curran is providing on-site gas engineering support to this confidential utility, including coordination of municipal and county projects, gas relocation work for state department of transportation projects, and design support for capital gas main projects.  Woodard & Curran is currently under contract with the utility to provide these services to support their in house engineering and construction team.