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In a dynamic energy market, both producers and consumers are challenged by changing economics and technology. Woodard & Curran helps clients get projects off the ground with expertise in economic analysis, planning, permitting, design, and construction across natural gas and electrical generation technologies. We know how distributed generation impacts utilities and organizations of all scales and can help navigate complex, interlocking regulatory programs to get projects done.

Helping utilities solve problems before they emerge

The stage can be set for a successful project well before the first conceptual designs are produced. Correctly understanding the economics is critical to everything that follows, from planning and permitting through the full lifecycle of the assets. With our expertise in economic analysis, financing and funding, and feasibility assessment, we help clients develop projects that make them more efficient and competitive. 

When it comes to implementation, failing to anticipate problems during the planning and permitting stages can mean delays, missed deadlines, and lost money. That’s why we approach every project with an eye toward streamlining each step of the process. With the right approach, including sound permitting, trenchless technology, proactive ecological management, and exacting construction oversight, we deliver time-critical projects that meet our clients’ goals.

Distributed generation and resilient power

Economic pressures, the increased frequency of severe weather, alternative energy incentives, and other factors are driving an increase in distributed generation. Organizations of all kinds are implementing combined heat and power systems for cost savings, backup power, or as part of a microgrid. Meanwhile grid modernization is accelerating, and both existing utilities and new generation capacity must meet smart grid standards. Our engineers help guide clients through the decision-making, design, and implementation of these projects to maximize the benefit in a rapidly changing industry.


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