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Woodard & Curran has been serving the energy market for more than 20 years with a broad scope of regulatory, environmental, and litigation services. Our clients range from International companies to small municipal utilities involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and storage of energy. Our experience covers the electricity, natural gas, petroleum products, nuclear energy, combined heat and power, and renewable energy sectors.

Woodard & Curran has extensive experience in all aspects of energy production and distribution projects from site selection and feasibility, through planning and permitting, and engineering design and ongoing compliance support. Our energy services combine the skills of regulatory specialists and engineers to provide our energy clients with a highly committed and experienced team of professionals dedicated to providing goal oriented service.

Woodard & Curran takes advantage of all available opportunities for improved efficiency in the permitting process with our combined capabilities in state, federal, and local permitting; regulatory compliance; risk assessment; technical studies; and engineering disciplines including site-civil, environmental, process and electrical engineering. Our experience with federal, state, and local regulations and our relationships with key regulatory agencies allow us to meet expectations and win permit approvals with minimum risk of delay or denial.

Our services include:

  • Site evaluations, environmental and economic assessments, and wind studies;
  • Linear project routing and permitting
  • Mapping (GIS, GPS, CAD)
  • Visual simulation modeling
  • Property acquisition and risk assessment support, Phase I and II site investigations;
  • Distribution lines and steam piping infrastructure design;
  • Fuel oil, natural gas, inert gas, bulk chemical storage tanks, and distribution systems design;
  • Remedial design and oversight, site remediation services, and voluntary remedial action plans and other regulatory negotiations;
  • Natural gas and electric transmission linear project permitting;
  • Air emissions and New Source Review (NSR) permitting and performance standards;
  • Air quality dispersion modeling, noise monitoring and modeling, periodic monitoring and compliance assurance monitoring, and periodic reporting requirements; 
  • Control technology requirements and Title V permitting;
  • Air emissions inventories, health and safety audits; and solid waste handling and residual use support;
  • Land use and resources/wetlands permitting; 
  • Emergency response planning, including oil and chemical spill prevention, containment, and countermeasure plans; 
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data management software to evaluate environmental conditions; and
  • Corporate responsibility, compliance auditing and support, and training.

Project Highlights 

LNG Terminal Permitting
Confidential Client, Northeastern US

Currently in the permitting phase, this Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) receiving, storage and vaporization facility will supply natural gas to the Northeast United States. Woodard & Curran is project manager for all environmental permitting, conducting wetland and vernal pool identification and delineation; marine, cultural and geologic resources investigations, photo simulations, and preparing all permit and license applications. Woodard & Curran manages the complex permitting schedule, coordinating with FERC, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and numerous Federal and State agencies to meet their requirements on more than a dozen reports and applications.

LNG Linear Permitting
Confidential Client, Northeastern US

Woodard & Curran identified pipeline routing alternatives, selected a preferred route and is providing all environmental studies and permitting services for 20 miles of pipeline to connect a proposed LNG terminal to the Maritimes & Northeast pipeline. To meet all the requirements of FERC, US Army Corps of Engineers, Maine DEP, and several other state agencies, Woodard & Curran is conducting the ecological, cultural resource, and other investigations and preparing all necessary permit applications. The pipeline route has been carefully selected to avoid a wildlife refuge and take advantage of existing rights-of-way wherever possible, minimizing the visual impact and effect on animal habitat and ecological resources.

Wind Power Development
University of Maine at Presque Isle

The University of Maine is developing a renewable energy project at the Presque Isle campus which will offset approximately 33% of the annual campus energy costs. Woodard & Curran evaluated the local wind resource and developed a turbine feasibility, location, and characteristics model. We assisted with all aspects of permitting for the project, including Maine DEP, FAA, and FERC applications. Other services included site design and primary electrical connection design and cost analysis. After securing approvals, Woodard & Curran developed bid documents and helped manage the procurement and contracting process. The turbine is scheduled for installation in 2009 with Woodard & Curran providing the associated site-civil engineering.

Hydroelectric Facility Audits
Confidential Client, Various Locations, ME
Woodard & Curran is auditing the overall condition of 26 hydroelectric dam facilities on the Saco, Androscoggin, and Kennebec rivers. The audits assess the physical condition of the facilities and identify, categorize, and prioritize any issues requiring corrective measures. Woodard & Curran developed custom audit software for hand-held computers, which, along with photographic documentation, was used to produce facility-specific and river system summary reports and compile a database of specific problems and estimated remedy costs. The system allows dynamic management of data and reprioritization of issues on geographic, type, or relative cost basis.

Plant Expansion Feasibility Study & Permitting Strategy Development
Confidential Client, RI

Woodard & Curran completed a feasibility study for the planned expansion of a 265 MW natural gas fired electric generating facility to double its capacity with a new parallel combined cycle unit with dry cooling towers and a zero discharge system for treatment of all process and industrial wastewater. Woodard & Curran identified stakeholders (including those needed for the confidential study investigating interconnection and NG sourcing) and evaluated the zoning, site planning, water, wastewater, noise, and air permitting requirements as well as oversight bodies at the municipal, regional, state, and federal levels. The study also incorporated a Site Constraints Plan and analysis covering environmental, regulatory, zoning, utility easement, wetland, and grading limitations at the site.

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