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Jeffrey Hamel, LSP
Jeffrey Hamel, LSP, Remediation Services, State Programs
PCBs in Building Materials: Is My Project at Risk?, 2007-11-12

Jeff Hamel's PCBs' discussion addresses major concerns associated with health and safety issues, the fact that PCBs are a regulated material requiring proper management and disposal, and the impacts of their release to other building materials.

Karen Townsend, PE
Karen Townsend, PE, Environmental Compliance
Oil SPCC Rules: A Compliance Update, 2007-11-14

Karen Townsend addresses the present status of EPA's Oil SPCC rules and recommendations for complying with the rules and deadlines.

Paul Dombrowski, PE, PLS, DEE
Paul Dombrowski, PE, PLS, DEE, Wastewater Engineering
Phosphorus and Wastewater Treatment: What You Need to Know, 2007-11-19

Paul Dombrowski addresses the impacts of excessive levels of phosphorus on water bodies and the implementation of nutrient limits on wastewater treatment facilities.

Steven Niro
Steven Niro, Operations & Management Business Unit Leader
Contract Operations: How to Decide if it's Right for You, 2007-11-19

Steve Niro discusses the one key consideration for selecting a contract operator: best value.  Best value represents a combination of a well-thought-out operations plan, including a staffing strategy, a technical approach, and maintenance initiatives for the system, a technical support team that is made up of operations specialists and engineers, capital planning (both short and long term) and a cost that is reasonable and affordable while addressing the issues and needs of the system.