Matt Yovich, PE

Senior Project Manager
TREC, a Woodard & Curran company

Matt has decades of professional experience in engineering and management consulting. His primary areas of expertise include characterization of environmental conditions and liabilities for CERCLA/RCRA sites, strategic planning, project feasibility analyses, and liability reduction and management for natural resource and industrial clients. He has specific technical experience in large volume mine waste remediation, hydraulic evaluation and design (including hydraulic containment, capture, and treatment), construction oversight, and surface water hydrology. He also provides strategy development and agency negotiation to his clients. He has been responsible for contract and budget management for projects exceeding $10 million, and has provided technical expertise for environmental liability settlements with values in excess of $80 million.

“I’ve been fortunate in my career to have performed a variety of projects for a range of clients starting early with design/build projects. This instilled a straightforward, practical approach to management of environmental and industrial projects in my work, as well as informing the business side of what I do.  I enjoy the strategic and cost planning aspects of the projects I work on and finding ways for projects to succeed within our clients’ overall business plans.”