Power Engineering

Communities and businesses require power, from conventional and alternative sources, delivered safely, efficiently, and with minimal interruption. They need a trusted partner, focused on practical, reliable power generation and energy conservation projects that improve bottom-line performance. Our experience helping clients develop new energy capacity, upgrade existing systems, lower consumption, and improve energy procurement has taught us how to anticipate regulatory demands to get projects done on time and deliver above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Creating efficiencies and engineering successful outcomes

Woodard & Curran helps clients conserve, produce, generate, and distribute energy. We focus on efficient project management, provide innovative approaches to engineering challenges, and balance current needs with long-term goals. Through these efforts, we have helped our partners reduce costs and manage risk. We have completed successful projects for small municipal electric utilities, independent or merchant power plants, developers and investment firms, industrial combined heat and power applications, and large utility-owned generating stations.

Diverse skills to meet market needs

Meeting all the needs of energy producers and consumers in today’s market requires a broad skill set and the flexibility to use the delivery method that best fits each project. Our power engineering team has been instrumental in helping facilities gain a competitive advantage by offering a complete range of power engineering services, from funding procurement, project development, permitting, and execution, to post-project aftermarket plant engineering and field service support.


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Power Engineering

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