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On this #ArmedForcesDay and every day, it is with great gratitude and respect that we honor and thank all the brave members of the military for their commitment and sacrifice. 🇺🇸 ...

Public works is all around you! During National Public Works Week, we want to thank all of our hard-working operations teams across the country for keeping their communities healthy every day.
Shout-out to Jeff Walker and Chase Hunter at our City of Quincy, WA plant!

This week on the #DisruptingPFAS podcast, Jeff Hale interviews Erlend Sørmo of the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences about his research on using activated biochar to stabilize PFAS-contaminated soil.
Check it out at the link in our bio and subscribe for more PFAS innovations!

Today Cathy Rockwell, Sam Olney, Duff Collins, and Matt Jones presented the results of their study on the impact of different precipitation events on PFAS occurrence and concentrations in rainwater.
Learn more about their research on our website at the link in our bio!

To celebrate #InfrastructureWeek, Flood Mitigation National Practice Leader Dave White shares how he leads with infrastructure and is passionate about leaving the world a better place! #LeadWithInfrastructure ...

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Adam Steinman Esq., CPEA National Practice Leader Environmental Compliance
Alyson Watson Chief Executive Officer
Nick Hastings PG, LEP Senior Hydrogeologist Remediation
Miles Walker

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