Approaching Deadline for Remedial Investigations in NJ

Approaching Deadline for Remedial Investigations in NJ

The May 2014 requirement for completion of the Remedial Investigation and submittal of the Remedial Investigation Report, imposed on certain contaminated sites in New Jersey by the Site Remediation Reform Act, is quickly approaching. The SRRA requires the persons responsible for the remediation to work with a Licensed Site Remediation Professional to submit their report. This deadline applies to sites where remediation was initiated before May 7, 1999.

Those who are required but fail to submit a Remedial Investigation Report before the May 7, 2014 deadline are expected to fall into direct oversight, thus allowing the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to define the remediation path for those sites.

If you have questions or need help complying with this deadline, please contact one of our LSRPs: Andrea McGahan, Mark Pietrucha, John Sammon, Michael van der Heijden, or Ken Bird.


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