Don’t Miss Another EHS Deadline: Task Lists for 2018

Don’t Miss Another EHS Deadline: Task Lists for 2018

JANUARY 16, 2018

Every year, new regulations and government enforcement priorities throw unprepared EHS departments into a frenzy. Identifying all applicable environmental, health, and safety compliance obligations, including relevant updates, at the beginning of the year can help facilities meet their compliance obligations and objectives with relative ease. Woodard & Curran has the tools and the expertise to get facilities started in the right direction.   

Our compliance experts have put together a comprehensive list of the key compliance tasks and reporting deadlines that all regulated facilities should know for 2018. While we have generated specific lists for Massachusetts and Rhode Island facilities, these lists will vary based on site-specific permit requirements and they are not intended to be inclusive of corporate or facility specific obligations that may also apply.   

You can access Woodard & Curran’s Federal EHS Task List here, the Rhode Island EHS Task List here and the Massachusetts EHS Task List here.  

As Adam Steinman described in an article for EHS Today, regulators are focusing their enforcement and regulatory focus beyond air and hazardous waste (RCRA), and heavily regulated entities should be ready to adapt. We have advised many entities to move away from audits that focus solely on documenting every minor violation, and towards an evaluation process designed to provide big picture guidance on EHS. These comprehensive audits go beyond evaluating and documenting specific areas of non-compliance and instead provide recommendations that measure whether systems and departments are designed to achieve substantial compliance in the most cost effective and sustainable manner.

While comprehensive audits take more time and are more expensive than applying a traditional compliance-only audit approach, they are more efficient than conducting separate business operations, management system assessments and operations and process reviews.

If you want to learn more about comprehensive audits or the upcoming EHS deadlines and regulations, please reach out to me at


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