Funding for Wastewater and Drinking Water Facilities Impacted by Sandy

Funding for Wastewater and Drinking Water Facilities Impacted by Sandy

One of the less visible, but more environmentally significant impacts of Hurricane Sandy is the fact that it overwhelmed and damaged numerous wastewater and drinking water facilities across the states of New York and New Jersey. In an effort to mitigate the impacts of future storms and increase the resiliency of these facilities, EPA has authorized almost a half billion dollars in funding for improvements. New York is set to receive $340 million and New Jersey is will receive $229 million.

Here’s what communities and utility managers need to know about how to access this funding:

  • The funding will be provided through the New York Storm Mitigation Loan Program and the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust.
  • Projects will be selected using project priority ranking systems based on elements of the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act and state regulations
  • Eligible projects must ensure treatment works and community water systems are more resilient to future storms or other natural disasters
  • An Intended Use Plan (IUP) will be required for approval of a grant award and release of awarded funds
  • Among the things applicants are asked to consider are projects that incorporate green infrastructure, such as wetlands and detention basins to collect stormwater; raise equipment from basements; or provide renewable energy as backup sources
  • The funds will be awarded as grants to the states and most will be given out to local communities as low or no interest loans, with up to 30 percent awarded as grants

With such a large volume of funding available, taking the time to plan how to make the best use of this opportunity can go a long way. For help planning before you apply contact Anthony Catalano or Jessica Richard.


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