National Severe Weather Week: Preparedness Saves Lives

National Severe Weather Week: Preparedness Saves Lives

National Severe Weather Week (March 3-9): no, it’s not a week for paging through slideshows of storm photos, despite how compelling they can be. It’s a week to think about how individuals and organizations can prepare for the possibility of severe weather, and how they can work to prevent injury, loss of life, and damage during severe storms.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have put together resources to raise awareness around emergency preparedness. Severe Weather Week is primarily about helping the public understand how individual preparations can make a difference for them, their families, and their communities, so please take a look and take action!


Organizations like cities and towns, businesses, colleges, and many more are obviously also important players in emergency preparedness and response. FEMA-approved hazard mitigation plans are a great first step to improving an organization’s emergency preparedness. Going through the process of evaluating risks, identifying mitigation measures, and prioritizing actions is critical to protection residents, community members, and employees. Think of National Severe Weather Week as an opportunity to start the process or to re-examine your existing plan.

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