New Vapor Intrusion Screening Levels in NJ

New Vapor Intrusion Screening Levels in NJ

The NJDEP has just announced significant changes to the Vapor Intrusion Screen Levels including several common compounds (PCE, TCE, ethylbenzene) that are often the driver of environmental investigations. The changes will bring relief to some site owners, but mean many more will face new requirements. Site owners will need to review the impact of these changes on existing and pending vapor intrusion/mitigation projects over the next few months to insure compliance with the implementation time frames.

Key Changes

The screening level for PCE has increased significantly, meaning that many former dry-cleaning locations and other sites impacted by this compound may no longer be required to take corrective action. The majority of changes to the Vapor Intrusion Screening Levels have resulted in more relaxed standards.

On the other hand, the screening level for ethylbenzene has decreased by several orders of magnitude, so sites like gas stations, auto shops, and many more that have historical releases of petroleum products may now be required to address vapor intrusion issues.

Sites already addressing vapor intrusion will have to incorporate the new limits into their management, while many new sites may need sampling to determine what, if anything, needs to be done. Whether action is required at any given site depends on what specific compounds are found at what levels and the effort to address the issues will vary widely.

The Official Details

Visit the Vapor Intrusion Pathway page of the NJDEP website for detailed information and updated guidance documents. The impact of these changes will be far-reaching, so take the time to assess them and understand how they will affect you.

The specific requirements and timelines can be confusing, so please contact John Sammon, Lisa Campe, Mark Pietrucha or Michael van der Heijden if you need support figuring out what you need to do given these changes.


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