The Power of Committed People

The Power of Committed People

NOVEMBER 21, 2016

One of the most important decisions in the history of Woodard & Curran was when founders Frank Woodard and Al Curran decided to write a mission statement that put people first. Their insight was to create an atmosphere where people could connect with each other and their work, where they knew their work was valued, and where they had the freedom that would allow them to thrive. Putting our employees first means happy and engaged employees. And happy employees means happy clients. Over the years, as we have added new capabilities, grown from dozens to hundreds of employees, and expanded across the country, we have maintained that focus on empowering our people to do what they do best. It is fundamental to the way we do business. 

Today, Woodard & Curran announced the acquisition of an amazing firm that shares our commitment to people and to solving the critical challenges of managing our precious water resources for the long-term. RMC Water and Environment has followed much the same path that Woodard & Curran did, though they began on the opposite side of the country, and I could not be more proud and enthused that they chose to complete the next step in their growth by joining Woodard & Curran. And, I’m very pleased to share that their President, Alyson Watson will join the senior leadership team continuing to oversee the California team and play a key role in our strategic growth in the years ahead.

I’m excited about this next step in our growth together for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest is the opportunities that the partnership offers our employees. The people of RMC and Woodard & Curran represent the finest minds in our industry, and working together, sharing expertise across the country, taking on new challenges, helping clients on the cutting edge of addressing water and environmental challenges—these are huge opportunities for our people to grow professionally and personally.

The combined firms share so much, from the services we offer to clients, to the values embedded in our approach, to our organizational philosophy, to the culture that celebrates collaboration, recognition, and reward. Together we are 1000 committed professionals, working as one company, delivering engineering, science, operations and planning solutions for clients across the country. This national platform creates exciting new opportunities for our people, and as our history has shown, that means our clients can expect great things.


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