Economics Drive Successful Energy Projects

Sound economic analysis and financial planning, fast and effective permitting, cost-sensitive design, and exacting project management are all necessary to drive successful energy infrastructure projects. Our value-driven approach integrates permitting, design, and construction know-how to help our clients meet their project goals on-schedule while controlling overall costs. Whether we are designing a cogeneration system, integrating distributed generation into the grid, or helping a utility expand its transmission or distribution network, we work to eliminate unexpected challenges to deliver the results our clients rely on.

The financial savvy to make projects possible

Sometimes the difference between a project that saves money or delivers value to the bottom line and one that never gets off the ground is having a full understanding of the economics. With a clear understanding of clients’ goals and financial know-how based on decades of successful project experience, we help plan projects, build a business case, and secure the funding to make it possible. Our dedicated funding and financing team knows how to find and capitalize on grant opportunities, incentives, and other funding mechanisms, improving outcomes for our clients. 

Permitting and design expertise creates value

Permitting and design may be a relatively small piece of the total cost of a project, but seemingly little choices made in the early phases can have a big impact during construction. Our clients rely on us to help them make the right decisions up front to get the final results they need. We bring our experience, technical knowledge, and strong working relationships with regulators to bear to quickly solve our clients’ problems and drive projects to a successful conclusion. 


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