Protecting the Environment is a Core Value

Our company was born in the early days of the Clean Water Act, and our founders believed strongly that protecting the environment would be a fundamental value of the firm. This principle was written into our mission statement at a time when it had not yet become a mainstream ideal. We live this value through our work to protect and reclaim water resources, clean up contaminated property, and reduce the impact of our land use. It will always define us.

Our focus on water issues has been supplemented over the years with expertise in remediation, solid waste, hazardous waste, and air pollution control among many other skills. We work every day with clients to clean up contaminated property, protect water resources and provide essential services to communities across the country, reduce pollution, and help businesses become more efficient. 

Our focus on the environment permeates not only what we do, but how we do it. Efficient solutions, ones that make best use of materials, energy, and people’s time, are better for our clients and the environment. If we can design a simpler process that achieves the same results as a more complex, expensive, or energy-intensive one, we do. If we can implement a technology that saves time and effort without a disproportionate increase in the inputs required, we will. If we can help our clients more easily meet their environmental obligations and protect their people, the communities they work in, and the environment, that’s what we do.

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