Forecasting Water Demand to Facilitate Resource Management

Forecasting Water Demand to Facilitate Resource Management

These are uncertain times. Making water management decisions for the future is difficult even under normal circumstances and is made harder when there is so much uncertainty in predicting demand. When deciding on meaningful demand management strategies, you can no longer simply rely on past demand—things are changing too fast. New state regulations, emerging technology, consumer conservation behaviors, dwindling revenue, economic stress, and, of course, public health during an ongoing pandemic are all driving demand and management approaches. You need strategies to better understand these uncertainties, tools and methods for forecasting demand, and options for management.

Join us for this hour-long free webinar on demand forecasting. The session will cover the information and approach we use to develop reliable demand forecasts and how they can be used to make better management decisions. You will learn:

  • Why projecting demand is so important
  • The sources of uncertainty in demand forecasting
  • How to approach demand management decisions
  • How to select an appropriate forecasting tool

The session will also provide a demonstration of a demand forecasting scenario and examining the inputs and outputs of a new tool, how it might inform decisions, and how you can apply the information developed.


July 30, 2020
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Pacific Time

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