Management & Financial Strategies

Municipal and utility organizations collectively manage trillions of dollars of infrastructure, an array of regulatory and financial obligations, and substantial numbers of people. It’s no surprise then that senior managers in these organizations consistently report that business and management issues are their biggest hurdles to success. Woodard & Curran’s team of nationally recognized financial and management experts have the training, knowledge, and practical experience to help you implement solutions to these challenges and realize performance improvement.

Establishing better approaches and implementing best practices

Most public entities struggle to create meaningful organizational change by themselves. Change is difficult in an environment where managers commonly face stiff resistance to altering the status quo or operate in a highly reactive state with limited resources. Managers are often too busy addressing immediate issues or don’t have the resources to implement long-term improvements. In some cases, organizations simply want a higher level of achievement, perhaps aspiring to move from good to great. No matter what the situation, our dedicated financial and management experts can help. We maximize the impact of the resources available to organizations. We do this by finding innovative funding and financing opportunities, improving work processes, and helping organizations effectively communicate with stakeholders. This may involve integrating information management (CIS, GIS, CMMS) systems with successful business and asset management practices or providing staffing, succession, and strategic planning services. We provide innovative approaches that allow organizations to meet their objectives, improve level of service, and deliver efficient services to their customers.

Setting the course for excellence

We base our methods on proven social science and business strategies, adapted to each organization’s individual needs and challenges. Our financial management services, including traditional services such as rate setting and capital budgeting, help clients make the most of funding opportunities and provide their services in a financially prudent manner. Our business and organizational development services draw from recognized management concepts. They have proven to be effective at a variety of municipal and utility organizations. By using the right people and techniques, and working collaboratively with stakeholders, Woodard & Curran moves organizations toward highly productive and efficient operations.

Established industry experts with distinct capabilities

Our financial and management capabilities go well beyond the traditional services that most engineering firms offer. We have worked in the industry for decades as managers and financial experts helping numerous public and private organizations remove the obstacles that cause inefficiency and block progress. We deliver comprehensive solutions to achieve better performance.


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