Free Whitepaper: Getting the Most Out of Your Control System

Why the role of the “technology specialist” is so important  

Even the best control system needs to be carefully maintained and optimized to deliver the best performance. Facility operators who don’t have the time or the expertise to maintain or update their systems are losing significant efficiency gains. A skilled Technology Specialist filling this essential role can yield huge returns.

For example, the City of Haverhill, MA hired a Technology Specialist to implement upgrades and improve procedures at their water treatment plant that provided the confidence to operate the third shift unmanned, saving the plant $150,000 in staffing and reducing overtime costs by 29%.

This whitepaper by Scott Reynolds, P.E., C.A.P., explores the opportunities and challenges involved with the hiring of a qualified Technology Specialist and offers recommendations for finding the right balance between full-time, part-time, or outsourced support.

Download: Technology Specialists: The Benefits & Challenges of Hiring Professionals to Improve Control Systems


Bob Amaral Director of Practice Intelligent Technology Services

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