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July 15, 2022

GRA 101 Week - What Makes an Emerging Contaminant?

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The Groundwater Resources Association is hosting its second 101 Week – a training week with a menu of options for introducing practitioners and the groundwater-curious to various aspects of the industry!

PFAS are now found almost ubiquitously in our environment today. They include thousands of different chemical compounds with an incredibly diverse range of physicochemical properties. That diversity affects their fate and transport, presents both challenges and opportunities in investigation and remediation, and also poses opportunities for forensic analysis to identify potential sources and segregate liabilities. This presentation will summarize recent advances and our current understanding of PFAS fate and transport, remediation, and forensic chemistry. Join Woodard & Curran’s Dan Bryant for a session that digs into PFAS fate and transport, remediation, and forensic chemistry!

Conference Speakers

PFAS Fate and Transport, Remediation, and Forensic Chemistry

Dan Bryant, PhD | Director of Practices, Environmental Remediation

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