The COVID-19 pandemic shines a bright light on how our health and safety are interconnected. We continue to implement strong response measures at all our offices, operations sites, and projects to slow the spread of the virus while continuing to deliver on our commitments to our clients. 

Read more about the steps we have taken as a company, and read more about how our Operations & Management crews are responding. You can also access our resource page for municipalities here.

COVID-19 Response

“The North Valley Regional Recycled Water Project has been an unqualified success. Woodard & Curran crafted an approach that allowed the project to be permitted despite the fact that no real precedent existed for this kind of project. We are now delivering recycled water to our landowners, thanks to the creativity, organization, collaborative spirit, and hard work of Woodard & Curran.”

Anthea Hansen, General Manager, Del Puerto Water District


We believe that the work we do and how we do it matters deeply. Our purpose—the values that drive us and the issues that shape our thinking—is rooted in our mission and expressed every day in our projects and our people. Below are some core concepts that define who we are and why we do what we do.