Integrating Environmental Compliance with Change Management

Change is rarely easy, particularly in a business setting where expectations are high, stakeholders are numerous, and mistakes can be costly. Having a comprehensive management of change (MOC) process in place is critical to any type of successful transition, and building environmental compliance considerations into this formula from the beginning can help avoid costly project delays or redesigns.

I contributed an article to the most recent issue of EHS Today on integrating environmental compliance into the change management process, as this is an important factor that frequently gets overlooked or is brought into the process late in the game. Environmental regulations can have a significant impact on proposed changes at a facility, in that they often require special permits, registrations, or reporting; mandate specific designs or operating standards; or prohibit certain activities altogether. So if you’re upgrading your facility’s infrastructure, planning for an expansion, or streamlining operations, you’ll want to make sure compliance needs are prioritized with the other pieces of change management that typically get top billing.

If you already have an MOC process in place, there should be points where incorporating environmental considerations is somewhat intuitive and natural, and if you don’t have one in place, you’ll be starting off on the right foot by building them into the original framework. My article contains practical advice for identifying situations that could affect or trigger an environmental compliance obligation, involving the right people for productive and comprehensive evaluations, and asking the right questions to get the answers you need. While it’s certainly a useful primer for anyone involved in developing change management processes, don’t hesitate to reach out for more detailed information to meet your specific needs.


Becky Corbin Practice Leader Environmental Health & Safety

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